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Reasonableness and risk, right and responsibility in the law of torts, Gregory C. Keating

The law of torts is concerned with what we owe to one another in the way of obligations not to interfere with, or impair, each other's urgent interests as we go about our lives in civil society. This book argues that tort law addresses a domain of basic justice and that its rhetoric of reasonableness implies a distinctive morality of mutual right and responsibility
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Reasonableness and Risk -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- 1. Wrongs, Harms, and Costs -- I. The Elusiveness of Tort -- II. The Asymmetry of Harm and Benefit -- III. Harm in the Law of Torts -- IV. Judgments of Value -- 2. The Priority of Responsibility over Repair -- I. The Academic Turn in Tort Theory -- II. Moving Forward -- A. Corrective Justice -- 1. Sovereign and Subordinate Corrective Justice -- 2. Regulating the Future and Rectifying the Past -- a. Putting Flesh on the Principle -- 3. Adjudicative Practice -- B. The Unity of Right and Reparation -- 1. The Priority of Rights over Reparation -- a. Enforcing Rights -- b. Repairing Injuries -- c. Relating and Distinguishing Legal Institutions -- 2. Wrongful Losses and Primary Rights -- a. Wandering the Law Looking for Wrongs to Repair -- b. Irreparable Injuries and Wrongs without Losses -- C. The Structure of Primary Norms -- 1. The Omnilaterality of Primary Obligation -- 2. Primary Wrongs -- 3. Looking Forward and Backward -- D. Putting Primary Norms First -- 1. Making Sense of Tort Law -- a. Safeguarding Individual Agency -- E. Summing Up -- 3. The Importance of Interests -- I. Ideas of "Private Law" -- A. "Private Law" as Form- And Substance -- B. Interpretive and Philosophical Challenges -- II. Torts without Interests -- A. Wrongly Taking Charge of Another -- B. Damaging Means -- C. Assimilating Disregard to Domination -- D. Balancing Security and Liberty -- E. Strict Liability -- III. The Permeability of Modern Tort to "Public Law" -- IV. Tort and the Domains of Justice -- V. Background and Foreground Justice -- VI. Form and Substance -- 4. Fairness and Fault -- I. Reasonableness and Rationality in Negligence Theory -- A. Reasonableness as Social Rationality -- 1. The Hand Formula
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