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Pinochet's economic accomplices, an unequal country by force, edited by Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, Karinna Fernández, and Sebastián Smart

With a focus on Chile, this book demonstrates, with theoretical arguments and empirical studies, that focusing on the behavior of economic actors of the dictatorship is crucial to achieve basic objectives in terms of justice, memory, reparation, and non-repetition measures
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Cover -- Pinochet's Economic Accomplices -- Pinochet's Economic Accomplices: An Unequal Country by Force -- Copyright Page -- Dedication Page -- Contents -- Editors' Note -- Foreword -- Chapter 1 -- Complicity in Context -- Pending Issue -- Authors and Chapters -- Notes -- Section 1: Economic Complicity-Past and Present -- Chapter 2 -- The Belated Centrality of the Economic Dimension in Transitional Justice -- Initial Transitional Justice Efforts and the Focus on Basic Physical Integrity Rights -- Is the Panorama Changing, and If So, Why? -- Notes -- Chapter 3 -- Foreign Economic Assistance and Respect for Civil and Political Rights -- Chile: A Case Study -- Concluding Remarks -- Notes -- Chapter 4 -- Cassese's Great Contributions and Unresolved Complaints -- General Contributions of the Cassese Report -- Specific Contributions to the Chilean Case -- Unresolved Aspects -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 5 -- Contextualizing the Cassese Report -- Geopolitical Coordinates of the Cassese Report: Role of the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights -- Late Creation and Difference in Treatment of Mandates Related to ESCR -- Snapshot of the Present and Future Outlook -- Notes -- Chapter 6 -- Transitional Justice and Economic Actors -- Corporate Accountability and Transitional Justice -- Latin American Protagonism -- The Pathway to Corporate Accountability -- Judicial Accountability from Below in Chile: The Paine Case -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Section 2: "Pinochet's Economy" -- Chapter 7 -- The Chilean Economic Model and Its Subordinate Democracy -- The Capitalist Restoration Stage (September 1973-1975) -- The Neoliberal Economic Revolution -- Financial Crisis, New Power Bloc, and a Turn in Exporting (1982-1983, and Later Years) -- General Analysis of the Dictatorship's Socioeconomic Model (1973-1989) and Post-Dictatorship Features
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