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Human rights and conflict, essays in honour of Bas De Gaay Fortman, edited by Ineke Boerefijn [et al.]

Table Of Contents
Introduction : human rights before, during and after conflict / Ronald Janse -- Pt. I. Human rights in pre-conflict situations -- Human rights and the regulation of the international state system / Duco Hellema -- Structures of violence / Jolle Demmers -- More than just a nice idea : equality as an effective way to reduce the risk of violent conflict / Jenny Goldschmidt and Laura Henderson -- Human rights violations and contemporary violent conflict : an inquiry into causes and remedies / Georg Frerks -- Banning cluster bombs : achieving rights through activism / Georg Frerks, Miriam Struyk and Roos Boer -- Constraints and challenges in minority protection : experience of the OSCE High Commissioner of National Minorities / Natalie Sabanadze -- Early warning, non-intervention and failed responsibility to protect in Rwanda and Darfur / Fred Grünfeld -- Human security : a shifting and bridging concept that can be operationalised / Marlies Glasius -- From acceptable hazard to violation of rights : upstream human rights activism in the Sidoardjo Mudflow case / Irene I. Hadiprayitno -- Climate change, conflict and the protection of vulnerable collectivities / M. A. Mohamed Salih -- From charity to institutional development : reflections on Newmont's corporate social responsibility strategies and conflict-avoidance in Ghana / Radu Mares -- Doing business in pre-conflict areas / Tineke Lambooy -- Conflict and rights in vengeance-ridden societies : moral and legal inferences / Fatos Tarifa -- Pt. II. Human rights in conflict situations -- Human rights and humanitarian action / Dorothea Hilhorst and Bram J. Jansen -- Old cultures never die? : cultural genocide in international law / Yvonne Donders -- Non-state actors in conflict / Anja Mihr -- Caught in the middle of persistent conflict : the rights of Palestinian children / Karin Arts -- Pt. III. Human rights in post-conflict situations -- How transitional are transitional politics and transitional justice? : a case of misleading terminology / Peter R. Baehr -- Counter-terrorism, rule of law promotion and the Friends of Yemen / Ronald Janse -- Role of international criminal courts and tribunals in post-conflict societies / Gentian Zyberi -- Rwanda's police development / Piet van Reenen -- Civil and political rights in times of political oppression : rights without remedies? : the case of Zambia / Rodger M. A. Chongwe and Nicola Jägers -- Role of the judiciary in the enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights : experience from Nepal / Kalyan Shrestha and Ananda M. Bhattarai -- Loss and destruction of property : post-conflict human rights responses from and ECHR perspective / Antoine Buyse -- The human right to mourning : social trauma and transitional justice in post-conflict Argentina / Antonius Robben -- The interface between transitional justice and reconciliation in the wake of civil war : a case study of northern Uganda / Lauren Gould and Cedric Ryngaert
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non fiction
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