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Handbook of research on international entrepreneurship strategy, improving SME performance globally, edited by Pervez N. Ghauri, V.H. Manek Kirpalani

This impressive Handbook provides a dynamic perspective on the international entrepreneurial strategies of SMEs, including the role and experience of their founders, as well as the collaboration of these SMEs in networks with larger firms. The expert contributors from all over the world and the editors explore the origin and evolution of internationalizing SMEs, the changing history and the future outlook of this sector. They study the effects of different cultures on the origin and growth of entrepreneurship and SMEs. The Handbook also studies the different types of Born Globals that emerge from different parts of the world. This book will prove essential reading for researchers and students of international Business, entrepreneurship and SMEs. Founders of internationalizing SMEs will also learn about novel management practices, whilst educational institutions and governments will find invaluable insights on how to foster and support SMEs in their internationalization efforts
Table Of Contents
PART I INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL STRATEGY AND BEHAVIOUR 1. Overview V.H.Manek Kirpalani and Pervez N. Ghauri 2. Reactive and Proactive International Entrepreneurial Behavior: Causation and Effectuation Miria Lazaris, Nurul Efifi Mohamad Ngasri and Susan Freeman 3. The Influence of Market Intelligence and Marketing Mix Adaptation Efforts on the Performance of Israeli Born Globals Rotem Shneor and Kalanit Efrat 4. International Entrepreneurial Networking Strategies: Breaking out as a Global Player Saara Julkunen, Mika Gabrielsson and Markus Raatikainen 5. Market Strategy of International New Ventures Originating from a Small and Open Economy Salman Kimiagari, Peter Gabrielsson, Mika Gabrielsson and Benoit Montreuil 6. Where and When? A Longitudinal Study of Export Behavior of New Ventures Geir Gripsrud, Auke Hunneman and Carl Arthur Solberg 7. Simultaneous Effects Between Innovativeness and Export Behavior in Small Firms: Evidence From Spain Izaias Martinsa, Alex Rialp-Criado and Yancy Vaillant 8. Managerial Attitude as Antecedent for Network Development for SME Internationalization M. Cristina Stoian and Pervez N. Ghauri 9. A Process View of New Ventures Internationalization: Exploring the ‘Black Box’ Nuno Fernandes Crespo, Vítor Corado Simões and Margarida Fontes 10. How to Enhance Competitiveness of Polish Economy? SMEs as Innovativeness Stimulator Alojzy Z. Nowak PART II INTERNATIONALIZATION OF SMEs AND SELECTED STATE SUPPORT 11. Internationalisation of European SMEs Irene Mandl and Funda Celikel-Esser 12. Using National Export Promotion Programs to Assist Smaller Firms’ International Entrepreneurial Initiatives Leonidas C. Leonidou, Saeed Samiee and Valeska V. Geldres 13. The Role of Government in Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: The Case of Korean Ventures Seung Hoon Jang, Jung Seek Kim and Jonathan Ohn 14. International Entrepreneurship Among Finnish SMEs Olli Kuivalainen, Sami Saarenketo, Lasse Torkkeli and Kaisu Puumalainen 15. The Internationalization of SMEs in Italy Antonella Zuchella and Birgit Hagen 16. Internationalisation of SMEs in Scotland Nicolas Li and Marian V. Jones 17. Improving SME Performance Globally: The Hungarian Case István Molnár and Pál Belyó 18. Conclusions and Future Research V.H. Manek Kirpalani and Pervez N. Ghauri
Physical Description
xxix, 402 p. ;, 25 cm

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