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Biofertilizers, Agricultural Uses, Management and Environmental Effects, Philip L. Bevis, editor

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Intro -- Contents -- Preface -- Chapter 1 -- Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi as Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture -- Abstract -- Introduction -- The Fungi -- Isolation and Maintenance -- Mycorrhizal Dependency -- Need for AM Fungal Inoculation -- Selection of Efficient AM Fungi -- P Response Curves -- Plant Growth Response to Inoculation of AM Fungi and Mechanisms Involved in Plant Growth Promotions -- Application Methods and Time of Application -- Appropriate Technology for Nursery Raised Crops -- Production of Seedlings Inoculated with AM Fungi -- Use of AM Fungi in Rooting of Cuttings, Air Layering and Overcoming Transplant Shock -- Inoculation of Directly Field Sown Crops -- Interaction of AM Fungi with Other Beneficial Soil Microorganisms -- AM Fungi for Biocontrol of Plant Pathogens -- Mass Production of AM Fungi -- In-Vivo Method of Mass Production or Substrate Based Inoculum -- In-Vitro Method of Mass Production or Root Organ Culture -- Quality Assessment of AM Fungal Inocula -- Conclusion -- Future Directions of Work -- References -- Biographical Sketch -- Chapter 2 -- Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria: An Emerging Biofertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture -- Abstract -- Introduction -- Zn in Soils and Its Availability -- Zn in Plants and Its Deficiency -- Microbes-Mediated in Zn Solubilization -- Isolation and Screening of ZSB -- Diversity of Zn-Solubilizers -- Bacteria as ZSB -- Fungi as ZSF -- Mechanism of Zn Solubilization -- Role of Zn-Solubilizing in Sustainable Agriculture -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 3 -- The Potential of Burkholderia sp. in Meeting the Goals of Sustainable Agriculture -- Abstract -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Bacterial Quorum Sensing -- 3. Growth-Promoting Attributes of Burkholderia -- 3.1. Siderophores Production -- 3.2. Phytohormones Production -- 3.3. Nitrogen Fixation
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