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Europe's choice, populist attitudes and voting intentions in the 2019 European election, Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser, Robert Vehrkamp, Christopher Wratil

Representation gaps cause populism: those who feel that they are poorly represented are more populist in their thinking and at the polls. The same also applies to the 2019 European elections. However, populist citizens only agree on two things: they are sceptical towards Europe and dissatisfied with EU democracy. When it comes to substantive political issues, left-wing and right-wing populist voters are even more divided than the voters of the mainstream parties. This makes it more difficult to form new majorities in the next European Parliament
Table Of Contents
1. Pro or contra? Voting intentions and party identities in the 2019 European election -- 2. Why populism? Representation gaps as a cause of populism -- 3. Who can agree on what? Consensus and divisions among the electorate in the 2019 European election
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non fiction
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