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More:, the 10,000-year rise of the world economy, Philip Coogan

There are 17 ingredients in a typical tube of toothpaste, from titanium dioxide to xanthum gum, and that's not counting the tube. Everything had to come from somewhere and someone had to bring it all together. The humblest household product reveals a web of enterprise that stretches around the globe. More is the story of how we spun that web. It begins with the earliest glimmerings of long-distance trade - obsidian blades that made their way from what is now Turkey to the Iran-Iraq border 7,000 years before Christ - and ends with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. On such a grand scale, quirks of historical perspective leap out: futures contracts and commercial branding are among the many seemingly modern components of the global economy have existed since ancient times. Yet it was only in the 18th century that a cascade of innovations began to drive up prosperity in a lasting way around the world. To piece this fascinating saga together, Philip Coggan takes the reader inside medieval cottages and hi-tech hydroponic farms, prehistoric Chinese burial mounds and modern central banks. At every step of our journey, he finds that it was connections between people that created our wealth. Will the same openness continue to serve us in the 21st century?
Table Of Contents
Introduction - 1. The ancient economy - 2. Agriculture - 3. The Asian market: 200-1000CE - 4. Europe revives: 1000-1500 - 5. The quest for energy - . The great change: 1500-1820 - 7. Manufacturing: worshipping our makers - 8. The first era ogf globalisation: 1820-1914 - 9. Immigration - 10. World wars and depression: 1914-1945 - 11. Transport: the vital network - 12. From the wonder years to the malaise: 1945-1979 - 13. Central banks: money and technocrats - 14. The second era of globalisation: the developed world, 1979-2007 - 15. Government: an ever-present force - 16. A truly global economy: the developing world, 1979-2007 - 17. Technology and innovation - 18. The crisis and after: 2007 to today - Epilogue
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non fiction
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xiii, 466 p. [4] p. of plates, col. ill., 20 cm

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