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Russian nationalism, imaginaries, doctrines, and political battlefields, Marlene Laruelle

This book, by one of the foremost authorities on the subject, explores the complex nature of Russian nationalism. It examines nationalism as a multilayered and multifaceted repertoire displayed by a myriad of actors. It considers nationalism as various concepts and ideas emphasizing Russia's distinctive national character, based on the country's geography, history, Orthodoxy, and Soviet technological advances. It analyzes the ideologies of Russia's ultra-nationalist and far-right groups, explores the use of nationalism in the conflict with Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, and discusses how Putin's political opponents, including Alexei Navalny, make use of nationalism. Overall the book provides a rich analysis of a key force which is profoundly affecting political and societal developments both inside Russia and beyond
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- List of Tables -- Introduction -- A brief history of "Russian nationalism" studies -- Russian nationalism studies today: context and directions -- The book -- Notes -- Part I: Nationalism as imperial imaginary: Cosmos, geography, and ancient past -- Chapter 1: Cosmism: Russian messianism at a time of technological modernity -- The genesis of Cosmist thinking: a contextualization -- The founding fathers: from Christian exegesis to the conquest of space -- Cosmism, a paradoxical reading of the occult -- Notes -- Chapter 2: Larger, higher, farther north ...: Russia's geographical metanarratives -- Larger: Eurasia as a metanarrative of the empire -- Higher: from geography to the conquest of space -- Farther north: the Arctic as the last territory to conquer -- Notes -- Chapter 3: Alternate history and New Chronology: Rewriting Russia's past -- Can history be fiction? Alternate history as commercial success -- Alternate anti-Semitic history: the classic pattern of Jewish conspiracy -- A textbook of alternate history: Fomenko's New Chronology -- Notes -- Part II: Nationalism as doctrine: Experimenting with new repertoires -- Chapter 4: Beyond Slavophilism: The rise of Aryanism and neo-paganism -- The Soviet era: the unknown matrix of Aryanism and neo-paganism? -- Revamping an old myth: Russia as the Aryan cradle -- Russians as Aryans: the return of race theories -- Rodnoverie: worldview and faith -- Esoteric concepts and practices -- Notes -- Chapter 5: A textbook case of doctrinal entrepreneurship: Aleksandr Dugin -- Nativizing fascism for a Russian audience -- Rediscovering Russophile fascism -- Rescuing fascism as a political ideology -- Fascism 2.0: the "fourth political theory" -- A large array of fascism-derived doctrinal elements
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