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Teaching tourism, innovative, values-based learning experiences for transformative practices, edited by Johan Edelheim (PhD, Professor, Graduate School of International Media, Communication and Tourism Studies, Hokkaido University, Japan), Marion Joppe (PhD, Professor), Joan Flaherty (MA, MSc, Associate Professor Emerita, School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, University of Guelph, Canada) - (e-book)

"Tourism as an activity is increasingly being criticised for its exploitative and extractive industrial approaches to business. Yet, it has the power to transform and to regenerate societies, cultures and the environment. The desire to explore the world around us is deeply embedded in many people's psyche, but it comes at a cost to the environment and often to the residents of the visited communities. Much of tourism education has been closely linked to preparing students for future professional practice, but the challenges and opportunities linked to its consumption require that its future leaders must exhibit very different values and understandings to tackle ever more complex and wicked problems from which tourism cannot dissociate itself. This teaching guide brings together a compilation of values-based learning experiences that can be adapted to suit the needs and disposition of individual instructors. It aims not only to engage students in the subject matter but also deepen their understanding of its complexity and interconnectivity and help them become global citizens that lead lives of consequence. Academics and practitioners in higher education institutions around the world in many different disciplines will find the thought-provoking conversation starters and activities of help in encouraging students to take a multi- or post-disciplinary approach to explore tourism from a values perspective. Consultants and academics engaging community stakeholders in capacity building will value its practical, accessible information"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Contents: Preface xxi Johan Edelheim, Marion Joppe and Joan Flaherty -- 1. Tourism didactics / Johan Edelheim; Marion Joppe; Joan Flaherty; Barkathunnisha Abu Bakar; Elin Bommenel; Richard Ek; Stuart Reid; Mette Simonsen Abildgaard; Karla A. Boluk; Joanne Paulette Gellatly; Jaume Guia; Emily Höckert; Tazim Jamal; Ece Kaya; Monika Lüthje; Miranda Peterson -- 2. Axiology, value and values / Johan Edelheim; Marion Joppe; Joan Flaherty; Emily Höckert; Karla A. Boluk; Jaume Guia; Miranda Peterson -- 3. Political values / Johan Edelheim; Marion Joppe; Joan Flaherty; Jaume Guia; Stefanie Benjamin; Maja Turnsek -- 4. Ecological values / Johan Edelheim; Marion Joppe; Joan Flaherty; Karla A. Boluk; Alexandra Coghlan; Tazim Jamal; Xavier Michel; Miranda Peterson; Bradley Rink; Sarah Ripper; Sudipta Kiran Sarkar; Chiaki Shimoyasuba; Maja Turnsek -- 5. Social values / Johan Edelheim; Marion Joppe; Joan Flaherty; Karla A. Boluk; Elin Bommenel; Helene Balslev Clausen; Richard Ek; Stephen Fairbrass; Maggie C. Miller; Nick Naumov, Brendan Paddison; Stuart Reid; Sudipta Kiran Sarkar; Chiaki Shimoyasuba -- 6. Cultural values / Johan Edelheim; Marion Joppe; Joan Flaherty; Emily Höckert; Monika Lüthje; Mette Simonsen Abildgaard; Linda Armano; Jonathon Day; Sisko Häikiö; Maria Huhmarniemi; Outi Kugapi; Nick Naumov; Carina Ren; Minna Väyrynen -- 7. Economic values / Johan Edelheim; Marion Joppe; Joan Flaherty; Deborah Edwards; Joanne Paulette Gellatly; Ece Kaya; Xavier Michel; Nick Naumov; Kathleen Rodenburg -- 8. Ethics / Marion Joppe; Johan Edelheim; Joan Flaherty; Xavier Michel; Kathleen Rodenburg -- 9. Stewardship / Marion Joppe; Johan Edelheim; Joan Flaherty; Karla A. Boluk; Alexandra Coghlan; Brynhild Granås; Tazim Jamal; Miranda Peterson; Outi Rantala; Bradley Rink; Sarah Ripper; Kaarina Tervo-Kankare; Gunnar Thór Jóhannesson -- 10. Mutuality / Marion Joppe; Johan Edelheim; Joan Flaherty; Mette Simonsen Abildgaard; Stefanie Benjamin; Blanca A. Camargo; Sisko Häikiö; Emily Höckert; Outi Kugapi; Tanja Lešnik Štuhec; Monika Lüthje; Carina Ren; Maja Turnsek; Minna Väyrynen -- 11. Knowledge / Marion Joppe; Johan Edelheim; Joan Flaherty; Barkathunnisha Abu Bakar; Karla A. Boluk; Elin Bommenel; Helene Balslev Clausen; Richard Ek; Brynhild Granås; Maria Huhmarniemi; Gunnar Thór Jóhannesson; Outi Kugapi; Maggie C. Miller; Giang Phi; Outi Rantala; Stuart Reid; Bradley Rink; Kaarina Tervo-Kankare -- 12. Professionalism / Marion Joppe; Johan Edelheim; Joan Flaherty; Elin Bommenel; Blanca A. Camargo; Helene Balslev Clausen; Émilie Crossley; Richard Ek; Brynhild Granås; Gunnar Thór Jóhannesson; Outi Kugapi; Maggie C. Miller; Outi Rantala; Stuart Reid; Kathleen Rodenburg; Kaarina Tervo-Kankare; Maja Turnsek -- 13. Activities -- Activity 1: Meta-pedagogical meliorism 1 - didactics -- Activity 2: Yes-and: How to create a brave space by incorporating improvisational theatre games -- Activity 3: Tourism to promote political responsibility -- Activity 4: Unintended consequences of policy implementation -- Activity 5: Reflecting on sustainable behaviour -- Activity 6: Climate action for a climate-friendly educational destination -- Activity 7: Mobilising learners' tourist memories towards a deeper, more authentic understanding and practice of tourism -- Activity 8: Experiential learning in nature-based recreational settings -- Activity 9: Iomante rituals - ecological and economic values meet cultural values -- Activity 10: Meta-pedagogical meliorism 2 - social values -- Activity 11: The value of the unintended in tourism education - nepal -- Activity 12: The tourism game 1 -- Activity 13: Film and tourism - constructing social realities -- Activity 14: Values-based learning and storytelling -- Activity 15: Experiential learning in gastronomy tourism -- Activity 16: Access rights to the commons -- Activity 17: Enhancing culturally sensitive tourism in an online learning environment -- Activity 18: Deep cultural interpretation model - a tool to understand the tourists' culture -- Activity 19: Cultural awareness -- Activity 20: Co-designing creative tourism activities for preserving and promoting local cultural traditions -- Activity 21: Tourism and intangible heritage -- Activity 22: The unfolding of sars-cov-2 -- Activity 23: Tourism resiliency post Covid-19 -- Activity 24: Authentic assessment - activating purposeful learning for a diverse student cohort -- Activity 25: Tourism and world heritage sites 1 -- Activity 26: Tourism and world heritage sites 2 -- Activity 27: The dilemma of protecting workers in the face of entrepreneurship -- Activity 28: The power of values to effect positive change 1 -- Activity 29: Industry ethics -- Activity 30: Solving ethical dilemmas in the tourism industry -- Activity 31: Introducing critical topics to transform our practice -- Activity 32: Using systems thinking and the un's sdg framework as an opportunity for fostering critical dialogue -- Activity 33: Calculating a carbon footprint -- Activity 34: The limits to biocapacity -- Activity 35: Stewardship - an in-field dialogue model -- Activity 36: Promoting mutuality through service-learning - la santa catarina restaurant -- Activity 37: Video project "enjoy lapland safely" -- Activity 38: Cooperation between students and the tourism industry to solve project challenges in sustainable rural destinations -- Activity 39: Combating negative prejudice against young people -- Activity 40: Tourism teaching and learning using spiritual pedagogy -- Activity 41: Fostering critical thinking utilising brookfield's critical incident questionnaire -- Activity 42: Meta-pedagogical meliorism 3 - knowledge -- Activity 43: Field trip findings presented through a photo essay -- Activity 44: Design-based learning and design thinking for innovation education -- Activity 45: Seeing tourism landscapes - teaching tourism at the confluence of theory and practice -- Activity 46: The value of the unintended in tourism education - Mexican case -- Activity 47: Professional practice review of learning -- Activity 48: The power of values to effect positive change 2 -- Activity 49: Solving wicked world problems -- Activity 50: Value-reflexive engagement and dialogue -- Activity 51: Emotional labour and the future of automation -- Activity 52: The tefi values survey -- Activity 53: The tourism game 2 -- References -- Index
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