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From linear to circular food supply chains, achieving sustainable change, Stella Despoudi, Uthayasankar Sivarajah, Manoj Dora

This title provides the reader with an understanding of the concept of the circular economy, in relation to food supply chains. The current food supply chain system, based upon the linear supply chain model, is unquestionably unsustainable: make, use, dispose. The circular supply chain model, on the other hand, keeps resources in use for as long as possible, while regenerating products/materials at the end of their service life. In short: reduce, reuse, recycle. This book puts forwards the circular economy as an alternative. The circular economy minimises material, energy and environmental damage without restricting economic growth and social and technological progress. It involves transition to renewable energy sources, and builds on economic, natural and social capital. Will appeal to academics in supply chain logistics, operation management and agricultural management
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Preface -- Contents -- About the Authors -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Chapter 1: Introduction to This Book -- Chapter 2: Definition of Agricultural Supply Chains and Sustainability Issues -- 2.1 Definition of Agricultural Supply Chain (ASC) -- 2.2 Definition of Sustainability in ASC -- 2.3 Sustainability Issues and Waste in Agricultural Supply Chains -- 2.4 Summary -- References -- Chapter 3: From Linear to Circular Supply Chains -- 3.1 Definition of Circular Economy -- 3.2 Drivers of Circular Economy -- 3.3 Practices of Circular Economy -- Reduction Practice -- Reuse Practice -- Recycle Practice -- 3.4 Priority of Circular Economy Practices -- 3.5 Summary -- References -- Chapter 4: Circular Supply Chains -- 4.1 Definition of Circular Supply Chains -- 4.2 Definition of Circular Agricultural Supply Chains -- 4.3 From Linear to Circular Agricultural Supply Chains -- 4.4 Benefits of Circular Agricultural Supply Chains -- 4.5 Summary -- References -- Chapter 5: Drivers, Enablers and Barriers of Circular Agricultural Supply Chains -- 5.1 Drivers of Circular Agricultural Supply Chains -- Human Activities -- Public Health -- Knowledge About Circular Economy -- Economic Activities -- Customer Awareness and Brand Image -- Leadership -- Government Support and Legislation -- 5.2 Enablers and Barriers of Circular Economy in Agricultural Supply Chains -- Enablers of Circular Agricultural Supply Chains -- Cultural Enablers -- Regulatory Enablers -- Internal Enablers -- Financial Enablers -- Sectorial Enablers -- 5.3 Barriers of Circular Agricultural Supply Chains -- Cultural Barriers -- Market Barriers -- Regulatory Barriers -- Technical Barriers -- Financial Barriers -- Technological Barriers -- Sectorial Barriers -- 5.4 Summary -- References -- Chapter 6: Practices of Circular Agricultural Supply Chains
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