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Atlas of health in Europe, World Health Organization

This statistical atlas presents key health figures for the WHO European Region. They cover basic demographic data, mortality and morbidity, lifestyles and environmental indicators such as alcohol consumption and road traffic accidents, and types and levels of health care. Most indicators are presented as a map to show overall regional variations, a bar chart to indicate country rankings and a time chart to show trends over time in three main country groupings. Using the WHO Regional Office for Europe's unique health for all database, combined with the best alternative sources of data around the Region, this atlas offers the most comprehensive overview of health in Europe. Published in a pocket edition, this atlas is designed to be an easily accessible resource at all times, in the office or in the field
Table Of Contents
Atlas of health in Europe -- Contents -- Foreword -- Technical notes -- 1. Demography -- Notes -- Population -- Mid-year population, 2002 -- Natural population growth -- Age pyramid, 2000 -- Young population, 0-14 years -- Old population, 65 years and over -- Births -- Birth rate -- Low-weight births, under 2500 g -- Births to young mothers, under 20 years -- Births to older mothers, 35 years and over -- Abortions -- Abortions -- 2. Life and death -- Notes -- Life expectancy -- Conventional and estimated life expectancy -- Life expectancy at birth and at 65 years -- Estimated disability-adjusted life expectancy, 2001 -- Life expectancy at birth -- Deaths -- Deaths from all causes -- Infant deaths -- Perinatal deaths -- Maternal deaths -- Causes of death -- Main causes of death by age group -- Death from -- diseases of the circulatory system -- ischaemic heart diseases, -- cerebrovascular diseases -- cancer -- lung cancer -- female breast cancer -- cervical cancer -- external causes of injury and poisoning -- external causes of injury and poisoning -- motor vehicle traffic accidents -- suicide -- diseases of the respiratory system -- diseases of the digestive system -- 3. Diseases -- Notes -- Some infectious diseases -- New cases of -- tuberculosis -- viral hepatitis B -- syphilis -- clinically diagnosed AIDS -- HIV infection -- Selected outbreaks of infectious diseases, 2002 -- Some noncommunicable diseases -- Prevalence of diabetes mellitus -- Lung cancer incidence and deaths -- Female breast cancer incidence and deaths -- Cervical cancer incidence and deaths -- Hospitalization -- Hospital discharges for -- cancer -- diseases of the circulatory system -- diseases of the respiratory system -- diseases of the digestive system -- diseases of the musculoskeletal system -- injury and poisoning -- Teeth
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non fiction
1st ed.
" ... basic data on populations, births, deaths, life expectancy and diseases, lifestyle and environmental indicators such as drinking, smoking and traffic accidents, and types and levels of health care."
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viii, 123 p., ill., maps.
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