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Gendered citizenship and the politics of representation, Hilde Danielsen ... [et al.], editors - hbk

This book sheds new light on gender-based inequalities in a globalized world. Interdisciplinary in scope, it reveals new avenues of research on gendered citizenship, analysing the possibilities and pitfalls of being represented and of representing someone. Drawing on contexts both historical and contemporary, it queries what it means to have access to representation, which power structures regulate and produce representation, and who counts as a citizen. Situating its arguments in the global struggle for hegemony, it answers such thought-provoking questions as whether one can represent someone or be represented without recourse to citizenship and, conversely, whether it is possible to be a citizen if one does not have access to representation. This engaging edited collection will appeal to students and scholars of sociology, social anthropology, history, media studies, political science, literature, gender studies and cultural studies. -- Publisher's description
Table Of Contents
Gendered Citizenship: The Politics of Representation -- What Is It to Vote? -- Troubled and Secure Gender Identities in a Changing Society: Norway at the End of the Long Nineteenth Century -- Representations of Equality: Processes of Depoliticization of the Citizen-Subject -- The Costs and Benefits of Descriptive Representation: Women's Quotas, Variations in State Feminism and the Fact of Reasonable Pluralism -- Substantive Representation: From Timing to Framing of Family Law Reform in Morocco, South Africa and Uganda -- Constructing Citizenship: Gender and Changing Discourses in Tunisia -- Representations of Women Voters in Newspaper Coverage of UK Elections 1918-2010 -- The Pedagogy and Practice of En-Gendering Civic Engagement: Reflections on Serial-Viewing Among Middle-class Women in Urban India -- Vietnam Women's Union and the Politics of Representation: Hegemonic Solidarity and a Heterosexual Family Regime -- Can the Irregular Migrant Woman Speak? -- Pin Ups and Political Passions: Citizenship Address in Post-War Men's Magazines -- "The Venus Hottentot Is Unavailable for Comment": Questioning the Politics of Representation Through Aesthetic Practices
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xvii, 312 p. ;, 22 cm

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