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The European public servant, a shared administrative identity, edited by Fritz Sager and Patrick Overeem

European integration is under pressure. At the same time, the notion of a European administrative space is explicitly voiced. Hence it is time to examine whether a shared idea of the public servant exists in Europe. This volume shows how the public servant has been conceived throughout European history and in contrast with other conceptions (especially American ones), and whether they are currently converging towards a common European administrative identity. This timely analysis constitutes an original effort to integrate history of ideas and cutting edge survey research. It presents both the ideational foundations as well as its translation in today's European administrative space. This volume hence provides a true dialogue between sub-disciplines within political science with the goal of finding synergies instead of boundary delineation
Table of contents
Part I: Introduction: A European Concept of the Public Servant?1. Fritz Sager & Patrick Overeem 2. Jos RaadscheldersPart II: Older Notions of Public Service3. Joanne Paul4. Mark RutgersPart III: The Formative 19th Century5. Niels Hegewisch6. Koen Stapelbroek7. Gerrit Dijkstra, Frits van der Meer, & Caspar van den Berg Part IV: The Americanized Public Servant in Europe8. Christian Rosser9. Celine Mavrot10. Pascal Hurni Part V: The Europeanized Public Servant in the EU11. Bernadette Connaughton12. Karin Hilmer Pedersen & Lars JohannsenPart VI: Conclusion: A Shared Administrative Identity?13. Julia-Carolin Brachem & Markus Tepe 14. Gayil Talshir 15. Patrick Overeem & Fritz Sager
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non fiction
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xii, 311 pages, 24 cm

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