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Contesting grand narratives of the intercultural, Adrian Holliday

"Contesting Grand Narratives of the Intercultural uses an auto-ethnographic account of the author's experience of living in Iran in the 1970s to demonstrate the constant struggle to prevent the intercultural from being dominated by essentialist grand narratives that falsely define us within separate, bounded national or civilisational cultures. This book provides critical insight that: -DeCentres how we encounter and research the intercultural by means of a third-space methodology -Recovers the figurative, creative, flowing and boundary-dissolving power of culture -Recognises hybrid integration which enables us the choice and agency to be ourselves with others in intercultural settings -Demonstrates how early native-speakerism pulls us back to essentialist large-culture blocks. Aimed at students and researchers in applied linguistics, intercultural studies, sociology and education, this volume shows how cultural difference in stories, personal space, language, practices and values generates unexpected and transcendent threads of experience to which we can all relate within small culture formation on the go"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- 1 Distant places and everyday understandings -- Centre grand narratives -- Travel to Iran -- Attack and struggle -- Summary of chapters and data -- Threads of hybridity -- Small cultures are not bounded places -- Defining culture and the intercultural -- Small culture formation on the go -- Personal cultural trajectories -- Third-space methodology -- Looking back at my Western self and reverie -- Analytic autoethnography -- The double eye and researcher voice -- The grammar of culture -- 2 The Orientalist blocks I took with me -- Unaware despite reading -- 'The corrupt empire' -- 'Exotic princesses and despots' -- 'Doing the right thing' -- 'My ancestors the ancient Greeks and the right to travel' -- Nevertheless caution and positive images -- We are instead all hybrid -- 3 Small culture shock and finding personal space -- Revisiting culture shock -- Efficiency and safety -- 'Corrupt, dark and concealed' -- What I had and had not yet seen 'before' -- Before the 'pizza revolution' -- A strange or just another home -- Function and ownership -- Privacy, personal space, and eating -- Revealing hybrid contradictions in my own preoccupations -- Finding new understandings about personal space -- Applying the grammar -- Thread-block battle -- Small cultures, third spaces, and shock -- 4 Public spaces and hybrid modernity -- Taxis, individual space, and integrity -- Anonymity, strange, and familiar -- Finding Self in multiple personal narratives of modernity -- Learning about labelling and hybridity -- Diversity, agency, and deCentred modernity -- Learning transferable skills from precise social processes -- Precise processes and porous small culture -- Transferable, third-space, intercultural processes
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non fiction
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1 online resource (xiii, 132 pages), illustrations.
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