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Family firms and private equity, a collection of essays on value creation, negotiation, and soft factors, Oliver Ahlers ; foreword by Andreas Hack

Family firms are of particular importance for many economies. We know little about family firm buyouts and how they are different from non-family firm buyouts. Oliver Ahlers investigates this under-researched topic. After a comprehensive literature review on family firm buyouts, the focus of his book is on the key steps of the investment process such as family firm valuation and negotiations between PE investors and family sellers. Additionally, it is investigated how “soft factors” such as trust, reputation or commitment could play an important role when PE and family firms interact. Throughout the book, differences between family and non-family firm buyouts are highlighted
Table Of Contents
Research approach -- Stepping into the buyer’s shoes: Looking at the value of family firms through the eyes of private equity -- Opening the black box: Power in buyout negotiations and the moderating role of private equity specialization -- Bargaining power in family firm buyouts: Does family influence make a difference? -- Seller’s affective deal commitment – Buyout transactions as courtship
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xviii, 239 p. :, ill. ;, 21 cm

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