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EU climate diplomacy, politics, law and negotiations, edited by Stephen Minas and Vassilis Ntousas - alkaline paper

The European Union has long played a leadership role in the global response to climate change, including the development and dissemination of climate-friendly technologies such as renewable energy. EU diplomacy has been a vital contributor to the development of international cooperation on climate change through the agreement of the United Nations Climate Convention, its Kyoto Protocol and, most recently, the Paris Agreement. In addition, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States means that the EU contribution to climate diplomacy will become more important still, both in filling the leadership gap (together with other major economies) and in responding to any sabotage by the Trump administration. This book will extend knowledge of the EU as a key actor in climate diplomacy by bringing together leading practitioners and researchers in this field to take stock of the EU's current role and emerging issues. Contributions will be grouped into three strands: 1. The interplay between EU climate diplomacy and internal EU politics; 2. How the EU's legal order is a factor that determines, enables and constrains its climate diplomacy; and 3. The EU's contribution to diplomacy concerning climate technology both under the Climate Convention and more broadly. Collectively, these contributions will chart the EU's role at a critical time of transition and uncertainty in the international response to climate change. EU Climate Diplomacy: Politics, Law and Negotiations will be of great relevance to students, scholars and policymakers with an interest in international climate politics and policy, transnational environmental law and politics, and EU studies more generally
Table Of Contents
EU climate diplomacy in a time of disruption / Stephen Minas and Vassilis Ntousas -- Party politics and EU climate policy / Robert Ladrech -- Diplomacy, democracy and impossible ideas / Emily Barritt -- The historical evolution of EU climate leadership and four scenarios for its future / Hayley Walker and Katja Biedenkopf -- The relationship between domestic and EU policy developments : the Greek case as a paradigm on climate change and clean energy / George Dellis and Eugenia Giannini -- The sustainable energy transition through international and EU law / Stuart Bruce -- Toward the east : the energy community and the extension of EU climate governance / Stephen Minas -- The investment plan for Europe : private capital and climate governance / Megan Bowman -- Climate technology diplomacy through the UNFCCC and beyond / Matthew Kennedy -- Technology & the Paris Agreement : from means of implementation to climate innovation to transformation / Karsten Krause -- Climate diplomacy and the UNFCCC institutions : the case of the adaptation fund / Laura Hanning Scarborough -- The climate-energy-trade nexus in EU external relations / Rafael Leal-Arcas and Eduardo Alvarez Armas
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non fiction
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