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Legal Issues for Arts Organizations, A Practical Guide

Legal issues touch every aspect of organizations in the creative and cultural sectors. Written by a law professor and former intellectual property litigator with experience in arts policy and administration, this book teaches non-lawyer, arts administration professionals and students how to navigate legal issues common to arts organizations
Table of contents
Cover -- Half Title -- Series Information -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Disclaimer -- Table of Contents -- About the Author -- Acknowledgments -- Part I the Legal Environ.ment -- Chapter 1 The Legal Issue Spotting Process -- 1.01 Arts Administrators in the American Cultural Ecosystem -- 1.02 The Legal Issue Spotting Process: an Overview -- 1.03 Legal Decision Making in Arts Organizations -- Further Resources -- Notes -- Chapter 2 The American Legal System as a Platform -- 2.01 Legal Structure of American Government -- 2.01[a] The Three Branches of American Government -- 2.01[b] Jurisdiction -- 2.01[b][1] Personal Jurisdiction -- 2.01[b][2] Subject-matter Jurisdiction -- 2.01[c] The Hierarchy of the American Court System -- 2.01[d] Controlling Law -- 2.02 Law, Policy, and Nonprofit Formation -- 2.03 Lawsuits -- 2.03[a] Factual History -- 2.03[b] Pleadings Stage -- 2.03[b][1] Initiating a Lawsuit -- 2.03[b][2] Responding to a Lawsuit -- 2.03[c] Discovery Phase -- 2.03[c][1] Document Discovery -- 2.03[c][2] Deposition Discovery -- 2.03[d] Dispositive Motion Practice -- 2.03[e] Pretrial Phase -- 2.03[f] Trial -- 2.03[g] Post-trial Motions and Appeals -- 2.04 Alternative Dispute Resolution and Settlement -- Further Resources -- Notes -- Part II The Relation.ship Triangle -- Chapter 3 People -- 3.01 Relationships Internal to the Organization -- 3.01[a] The Organization-director Relationship -- 3.01[b] The Organization-employee Relationship -- 3.01[b][1] Establishing Employment Terms and Classifying Employees -- 3.01[b][2] Anti-discrimination Laws -- 3.01[b][3] Laws Establishing Other Types of Worker Protections -- 3.01[b][4] Claims Arising from the Employer-employee Relationship -- 3.01[c] Organization-part-time Labor Relationship -- 3.02 Relationships External to the Organization -- 3.02[a] Organization-volunteer Relationship
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