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Sport and secessionism, edited by Mariann Vaczi and Alan Bairner

"Sport and Secessionism examines how sporting cultures both reflect and inform secessionist movements around the world. Investigating both historical and contemporary cases, the book explores key themes including nationalism, nation building, state-region antagonisms, independence movements, identity and ethnic politics, sovereignty and autonomy processes, all through the lens of sport. Sports are uniquely positioned to shed light on secessionist politics due to their pervasiveness in society, and their ability to absorb, reflect, and produce political projections. The book presents analyses of a wide range of geographical, cultural and political contexts in which sports are deployed to pursue regional independence, or greater sovereignty and autonomy, and explores the dual processes of sub-national identity construction and state sovereignty deconstruction. It includes cases from regions as diverse as Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, Catalonia, Biafra and the UK. Offering a unique perspective on an important geopolitical issue, this book is fascinating reading for anybody with an interest in sport and politics, the sociology of sport, political science or political geography, or international history"--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
Introduction -- Chapter 1: Sport and the Unfinished Irish Revolution / Alan Bairner -- Chapter 2: Sport and secessionism in Scotland / Stuart Whigham -- Chapter 3: Speaking for Wales: Sport and secessionism in a small nation / John Harris -- Chapter 4: A game of lions and devils: sport as a driver and inhibitor of Flemish secession / Arnout Geeraert, Edith Drieskens and Bart Maddens -- Chapter 5: The Tug of War of Nationalisms: Agonic Sports for Basque-Spanish Relations / Mariann Vaczi -- Chapter 6: Visions of Building, Specters of Collapse: Alternative Routes to Secessionism in Catalonia / Mariann Vaczi -- Chapter 7: Football in Corsica: From the pride of being French to the desire not to be? / Didier Rey -- Chapter 8: Living Through Defeat: Hungarian-Romanian Relations through Szekler Hockey / Mariann Vaczi -- Chapter 9: Two Styles of Engagement: Kurds and Football in Turkey / Ömer Turan -- Chapter 10: Narratives of nationalist politics and sport in Sindh / Sahar Gul and Alan Bairner -- Chapter 11: Assembling the Diasporic Nation; Kabylia at the CONIFA World Football Cup / Jonathan Harris -- Chapter 12: Sport and secessionism in Biafra / Johnny Precious Ogbah -- Chapter 13: Identity and Sport in Hong Kong Under One Country, Two Systems' / Brian Bridges and Glos Ho -- Chapter 14: "One China with Respective Interpretations" No more? - the struggle between China/PRC and Taiwan/ROC in sport -- Chapter 15: The Montreal Hockey Nation: Ethnic and/or Civic Attachments? / Jack Jedwab
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