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Bidirectional gene promoters, transcription system and chromosomal structure, Fumiaki Uchiumi

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Intro -- Bidirectional Gene Promoters: Transcription System and Chromosomal Structure -- Copyright -- Contents -- Preface -- Chapter 1: Introductory Chapter: DNA Replication and Transcription -- DNA replication origin in eukaryotic cells -- Helicases that regulate transcription and DNA replication -- From the RNA world to the DNA/RNA/protein world -- Viruses and transposable elements -- Alterations in transcriptional state during the aging process -- Conclusion -- References -- Section I: Biological significances of the bidirectional transcription in eukaryotic cells -- Chapter 2: Mitochondrial function and immune response-regulating factor-encoding gene promoters -- Origin of mitochondria and endosymbiosis -- Known functions of mitochondria -- Mitochondrial dysfunction and human diseases -- Bidirectional promoters of human mitochondrial function-associated genes -- Immune responses and mitochondrial functions are dependent on each other -- Bidirectional promoters of human interferon-stimulated gene (ISG) promoters -- Glycolysis enzyme-encoding gene promoters -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 3: DNA repair factor-encoding gene promoters -- Slight but appropriate low levels of mutation are essential for evolution -- Classification of the DNA repair systems in mammalian cells -- Dysfunctions in the DNA repair system that cause human diseases -- Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) and Cockayne syndrome (CS) -- Fanconi anemia (FA) -- Ataxia telangiectasia (AT) -- Bloom syndrome (BS), Rothmund-Thomson syndrome (RTS), and Werner syndrome (WS) -- Immunological diseases -- Cancer -- Neurodegenerative diseases -- Bidirectional promoters of human DNA repair factor-encoding genes -- Mitonuclear communication, telomere maintenance, and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) -- DNA repair factors that localize in mitochondria
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