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Storage and scarcity, new practices for food, energy and water, Giorgio Ost

1.Accumulation versus networking: the terms of the storage issue -- 1.1.Storage, an eclipsed issue -- 1.2.Between storage and security -- 1.3.Why storage is once again important -- 1.4.Social analysis of storage -- 2.The modularization of food processing and consumption -- 2.1.Food conservation, a wide-ranging and ambivalent issue -- 2.2.Food security practices -- 2.3.Healthy food: storage as preservation -- 2.4.Organizations opposed to food waste -- 2.5.Rituals of food storage -- 2.6.Rationing and rationalizing -- 3.Water storage: a multidimensional task -- 3.1.The long march toward water channelling -- 3.2.River banks, detention basins and floodable areas -- 3.3.The art of water conservation and harvesting -- 3.4.The big task of small farm ponds -- 3.5.In between network and storage -- 4.Energy storage -- 4.1.The issue -- 4.2.The legal, technological and social frames -- 4.3.The Tartar Steppe of energy storage --4.4.Power storage systems embedded in national policies -- 4.5.Thermal energy, the Cinderella of storage -- 4.6.Conclusions -- 5.Long-term life storage -- 5.1.Nature reserves, botanical gardens and seed banks -- 5.2.Beyond land sparing and land sharing -- 5.3.The mutual exchanges of biodiversity and storage -- 5.4.Mosaics of biodiversity -- 6.Multi-storey: the fortune of the grasshoppers and the ants -- 6.1.Policies for storage: lobbies and the need for space
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