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Quo vadis Common Fisheries Policy?, Ernesto Penas Lado - hardback

"This book will provide an analysis of how a public EU policy will face the challenges of the future. Beyond the interest to people involved in fisheries management, the book is an analysis of how a public EU policy should be evaluated, implemented and reformed. The book analyses the challenges for the implementation of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy, including the application of the new policy objectives of the 2013 policy reform as well as the challenges of the policy in a very changing world, including global warming, pollution, Brexit and other global drivers. The book uses largely comparisons with other fisheries policy, and particularly with the US fisheries policy under the Magnusson-Stevens Act. The benefits of the book are mainly the opportunity to address and discuss publicly such challenges that are not currently in the public domain, and to do so on the basis of the knowledge and experience of an insider with 30 years of experience in the policy. The Common fisheries Policy (CFP) is one of the only 5 policies of exclusive competence of the EU. For this reason, writing about the CFP is not just writing about fisheries, it is about a highly integrated EU policy and this implies an interest that goes far beyond fisheries management. The author's earlier book "The Common Fisheries Policy: The Quest for Sustainability" (published in 2016) explained the history of this important EU policy from the start of its last reform in 2013. Now the policy is at a crossroads, in terms of the very difficult implementation of the 2013 reform, the new emerging challenges in fisheries management around the world, and the likely effects of Brexit. All these factors make it necessary to reflect on the present implementation of the policy and its future development to face the above challenges"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
The common fisheries policy: stability or change? -- The objectives of the CFP -- Implementing maximum sustainable yield -- The challenge of mixed fisheries -- Achieving policy objectives in Mediterranean fisheries -- The landing obligation -- Beyond single-stock TACs: the other instruments of the CFP -- Fisheries and the environment -- Fisheries governance and the CFP -- The CFP and international fisheries -- The missing elements of the 2013 policy reform -- The global context: emerging challenges -- Adapting the CFP to emerging challenges -- Some ideas for the next CFP reform
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xvii, 368 pages, illustrations, 26 cm

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