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The reform of the judiciary in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, standard briefing

Since 2005, judicial reform in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has resulted in reforming approximately 30 laws targeting different aspects of the judicial system as well as very significant Constitutional amendments. However their implementation is one of the biggest weaknesses of the judiciary, owing to the absence of objective criteria for evaluation of the final results and of the planned effects. Reforming the judicial system can only be successful if based on a consistent reform concept. Essential systemic changes of the court procedures, which are now burdened with judicial paternalism, are required. The country lacks a comprehensive strategy for the reform that would cover both the judiciary and the police. The deadlines set under the Justice System Reform Strategy and the accompanying Action Plan expired a long time ago; moreover, the Police Reform Strategy, also outdated, has been designed and implemented independently from the justice system reform strategy. It is important to reach a reasonable balance between the desire for effectiveness in the fight against crime and corruption and the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms. The prevalence of the former has caused an erosion of the respect for human rights
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