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The First 100 Days of Covid-19, Law and Political Economy of the Global Policy Response, edited by Aleksandar Stojanović, Luisa Scarcella, Christina R. Mosalagae - electronic bk

This book provides a novel in-depth study of the early pandemic response policy at the intersection of political economy and law. It explores: (1) whether the responses to COVID-19 were democratically accountable; (2) the ways in which new surveillance and enforcement techniques were adopted; (3) the new monetary and fiscal policies which were implemented; (4) the ways in which employed and unemployed persons were differently impacted by the new policies; and (5) how companies were economically sustained through the pandemic. A compelling look at what happens to societies when disaster strikes, this book will be of interest to legal scholars, political scientists and economists. Aleksandar Stojanović is Assistant Professor of Practice in Economics at New York University Shanghai. He holds doctoral degrees in economics (Collegio Carlo Alberto) and law (University of Ghent). His research combines law and political economy, monetary economics and finance. Christina R. Mosalagae is a Ph.D. Candidate in Law & Institutions at the University of Turin. She holds an LL.M. from Cornell University; an L.L.M. in Constitutional and Administrative Law from the University of Pretoria; and a Masters in Comparative Law, Economics & Finance from the International University College of Turin (with distinction). Luisa Scarcella is a postdoctoral researcher at the DigiTax Centre of the University of Antwerp (Belgium); and she was recently awarded a Postdoctoral fellowship by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In 2020, Luisa obtained her PhD with distinction from the Karl-Franzens University of Graz (Austria) with a dissertation focusing on the VAT treatment of cryptocurrencies and in 2015, she graduated in Law from the University of Udine (Italy)
Table of contents
Chapter 1: Global Covid-19 policy response between law and political economy -- Chapter 2: Law and political economy of China’s early pandemic response: limited economic support and insulation -- Chapter 3: Under Weak State Capacity, Are Militarized Lockdowns in the Philippines the Great Equalizer? -- Chapter 4: First 100 days of COVID-19 firefighting: Hits and misses of the policy in India -- Chapter 5: First 100 days of Italian COVID-19 Policy: A new image for democracy, security, education and the economy in Italy -- Chapter 6: First 100 Days of Hungarian COVID-19 Policies -- Chapter 7: Purchasing Time: The First 100 Days of German COVID-19 Policy -- Chapter 8: Covid-19 Crisis in the UK: the first 100 days of the unknown -- Chapter 9: Nigeria’s Political, Economic, and Social Dynamics in a Pandemic Era -- Chapter 10: Inequality Dimensions of Kenya’s Responses to COVID-19 -- Chapter 11: Reinforcing Inequality: First 100 days of South African COVID-19 policy -- Chapter 12: It is a Bumpy and Gloomy Road Ahead: An Analysis of Covid-19 Response in Namibia -- Chapter 13: The Informal Economy and the First 100 days of the Pandemic Policy in Zimbabwe -- Chapter 14: First 100 days of Brazilian COVID-19 Policy -- Chapter 15: The Deepening of an Economic and Political Crisis: The First 100 Days of COVID-19 in Chile -- Chapter 16: Reinforcement of economic inequality and extra-economic power - law and political economy of U.S. pandemic policy response
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non fiction
1st ed. 2023.
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