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Principal in balance, leading at work and living a life, Jessica M. Cabeen - electronic bk

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Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- Foreword -- About the Author -- Acknowledgments -- Part I the Ground Rules of Balance -- Chapter 1 Rationale for Resiliency -- Building Resiliency -- Recovery Efforts -- How Do You Get Back Up After You Fall Down? -- Take the Time to Calm Your Core -- Chapter 2 Surge Capacity, Stress, and Survival -- Under Pressure -- Stress Regulation -- Stress, Surge Capacity, and Seeking Solace -- Burnout, Blowups, and Breakdowns: When Your Surge Capacity Is Shot -- Self-care During Stressful Times -- Chapter 3 Focus on Your Feelings -- You Can't Be Fine All the Time -- A New Way to Feel About How We Are Feeling -- Grace and Space for Emotions -- From Fine to Flourish -- Naming It and Taming It -- Chapter 4 Everything in Moderation -- Pick One Thing and Do It Well -- Assessing Your Schedule -- Going Big Will Cause You to Just Go Home -- Baby Steps to Start Balancing -- Part II Dream Big -- Chapter 5 Recommitting: the Essential Three -- A Call to Action -- Three Ways to Commit to Your Calling -- Seeking and Seeing the Good and Worth in the Work -- Chapter 6 Resetting: Creatinga Goal Framework -- Set Specific Goals and Realize Results -- Chapter 7 Restarting: How to Push Past Paralysis -- Preventing Goal Paralysis -- Visualization = Actualization -- Reflect, Review, Revise, and Repeat -- Routine + Time = Consistency -- Habit Stacking -- When Doing Too Much Is Too Much -- Pivoting When Something Goes Wrong -- Ensure You Are Off to the Right Race -- Thriving Through the Messy Middle -- Finishing Strong -- Finding a Groove and Giving Yourself a Pass -- Part III Live Colorfully -- Chapter 8 Finding Balance -- Slow and Steady -- Quality, Not Quantity -- Permission to Rest -- Find the Flow -- Break the Script -- Just Keep Going -- Expect the Best -- Chapter 9 Redesigning Self-care
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