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Environmental Science and Technology: Sustainable Development, International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, edited by Zeng Yang - electronic bk

This book features a collection of high-quality and peer-reviewed papers from 2022 13th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, which was held in Shandong, China, during October 21–23, 2022. ICEST is held annually as a platform for presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Environmental Science and Technology. This year, we focus on the theme: Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development. With the continuous development of human society, environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. How to realize the rational use of resources, realize the sustainable development of ecological environment, and protect the environment on which human beings live has become an urgent problem to be solved. Based on the conference theme this year, the presentations include the topical areas of environmental sustainability, environmental restoration, waste minimization, solid waste management, water pollution control, water treatment and reclamation, air pollution control, carbon capture and storage and environmental monitoring, etc
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An Ecological-network-analysis Input-output Model for Analyzing Energy Consumption in Fujian Province -- High-accuracy Machine Learning Models to Estimate Above Ground Biomass over Tropical Closed Evergreen Forest Areas from Satellite Data -- An Integrated Bi-level Optimization Model for Planning Water-food-energy Nexus System under Uncertainty -- Evaluating the Effects of Environmental Stress on Leaf Chlorophyll Content as an Index for Tree Health -- Optimizing Water Resources Allocation and Hydropower Generation for Supporting Reservoir Management -- Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture and Water Resource Management in the North China Plain -- Analysis on the Response of Lake Level Changes: a Hybrid Stepwise-cluster Factorial Approach -- A Comparative study of Geometric and Exponential Laws in Modelling the Distribution of Daily Precipitation Duration's -- Planning Water-food-energy Nexus System towards Sustainable Development under Uncertainty -- Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow - A case Study of Naryn River Basin, Central Asia -- Multiple Linear Regression Model of environmental variables, predictors of global solar radiation in the area of East Lima, Peru -- Development of a Bayesian Copula-based Spatial-temporal Method for Multivariate Drought Risk Analysis -- Hydro-meteorological Big Data Integration and Application Service in the Yangtze River Basin -- Global INDCs Gap, Dilemma and Innovative Path of Carbon Sink Increase -- What are the Embedded Emissions from Industrial Consumption? -- Sustainable Cities, Rescue of Original Construction Methods and Use of Technology. A Literary Review -- The Impact of Urban Green-infrastructure Development on the Price of Surrounding Real Estate: A case study of Taichung City’s Central District -- Numerical Investigation of a 600 MW Tangentially Fired Boiler with Different Particle Sizes of Pulverized Coal -- Sustainable Energy Planning Based on the Electrical Grid and Green Energy Transition in Kenya between 2019 to 2030. Design, Implementation and Evaluation of an Industrial Water Treatment System in El Coca, Ecuador in Accordance with National Guidelines -- Bio-inspired Hierarchical Porous TiO2 for Photodegradation of Organic Pollutant under Solar Irradiation -- Enhanced Membrane Fouling Control and Trace Organic Compounds Removal by Coupling Coagulation and Adsorption in an Electric Field -- Platinum Nanoparticles Embed in Pt Single Atoms Doped Carbon for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction -- The Influence of Stibnite Grain Size on the Oxidative Dissolution Process and Isotope (S,O) Characteristics -- Contribution of Constructed Wetlands for Reclaimed Water Production: A Review -- Chemical Characteristics and Fluorine Enrichment Mechanism of High Fluoride Groundwater in Aksu Area, Xinjiang -- Pollution Characteristics of VOCs in Atmospheric Background Air of Jinan Cities -- Ultra-selective and room temperature NO2 sensor based on PPy/MXene isotype junction -- Spatio-seasonal variation assessment of water quality based on GIS techniques to identify pollution sources in Mantaro basin -- Enhance the Performance of Electrospun Forward Osmosis Membrane by Introducing a Carbon Nanotube Interlayer -- Applicability of ion exchange with the combination of air stripping for ammonium removal and recovery -- Confining peroxymonosulfate activation in carbon nanotube intercalated nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide membrane for enhanced water treatment: The role of nanoconfinement effect -- Achieving rapid and deep autotrophic nitrogen removal from wastewater in aeration sponge iron biofilter: Simultaneous nitrification, Feammox, NDFO and Anammox -- Metabolomic pathway regulation to achieve optimal control of inorganic carbon in anammox process -- Essential oils of plants as biocides against microorganisms isolated from Portuguese Convent of Christ in Tomar -- Understanding the biodegradation and impact of metronidazole in mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic fermentation -- The potential of peripheral neighborhoods for the development of urban green in Latin American cities, the case of Algeria, Quito, Ecuador -- Potential for Nature-based solutions to Mitigate Impacts of Climate Change -- Agritourism and Territorial Development in Rural Areas in Morocco: Impact Study at the Level of the Fes-meknes Region (Morocco)
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1st ed. 2023.
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