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Reparations and victim support in the International Criminal Court, Conor McCarthy - electronic bk

Explores the ICC's regime of victim redress, including both its reparations regime and the work of the ICC Trust Fund
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Table of cases; Awards and Decisions of Arbitral Tribunals and Claims Commissions; Committee Against Torture; European Court of Human Rights; Human Rights Committee; General Comments; Inter-American Court and Commission of Human Rights; International Court of Justice; International Criminal Court; International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia; International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda; National Military Tribunal, Nuremberg National Judgments and Decisions; Permanent Court of International Justice; Special Court for Sierra Leone; Table of treaties; Select list of abbreviations; 1: Introduction; A Introduction; B The book in outline; 2: The wider legal framework of victim redress; A Introduction; B The invocation of responsibility; C The law relating to the treatment of aliens; D International human rights law; E International humanitarian law; 1 International armed conflicts; 2 Non-international armed conflicts; F National law and procedures; G Conclusion 3: Victim redress and international criminal justice: an overviewA Introduction; B Individual punishment and the traditional conception of international criminal justice; 1 The position of victims within the classical framework of international law; 2 Victims and the genesis of international criminal law; 3 The conventional position of victims in international criminal law; C The development of the Rome Statute's scheme of victim redress; D A principled role for victim redress as part of the system of international criminal justice? 1 The conceptual role of victim redress in international criminal law as a form of criminal justice(a) The irrelevance of retributivism; (b) The insufficiency of restorative justice as a principled justification; (c) An expressivist account of victim redress: the role of vindicative satisfaction and moral denunciation; 2 Victim redress and the prosecution and punishment of individuals: competing or compatible paradigms?; E Between ideals and reality: the potential disjuncture between the theory and practice of victim redress; F Conclusion 4: The concepts of reparations and victim support under the Rome StatuteA Introduction; B The concept of reparations under the Rome Statute; C The concept of victim support under the Rome Statute; 1 The distinction between 'reparations' awarded under Article 75 and victim support provided pursuant to Rule 98(5); 2 The key features of the concept of victim support under the Statute; D Conclusion; 5: The concept of harm under the Rome Statute; A Introduction; B Prefatory clarification; C An Autonomous Concept of Harm under the Rome Statute; D The forms of recoverable harm under the Rome Statute
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