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Postnational constitutionalism, Europe and the time of law, Paul Linden-Retek

Develops a critical theory of postnational constitutionalism at a time when the project of integrating Europe's peoples through the rule of law is faltering. Spanning many bodies of EU jurisprudence, Linden-Retek devotes specific attention to migration and asylum--struggles where questions of solidarity and belonging are most acute
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Series -- Postnational Constitutionalism -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Editors' Preface -- Preface -- Contents -- List of Illustrations -- Table of Cases -- Table of Treaties, Legislation, and other State Documents -- List of Abbreviations -- 1. Introduction: European Crisis and Constitutional Time -- 1. Crisis and temporality: The politics of identity and sovereignty -- 1.1 Presentism and the pursuit of mastery -- 1.2 Postnationalism as anti- reification -- 2. Recovering European constitutionalism -- 3. Critical approaches to legality and time: A methodology -- 4. Structure of the book -- PART I SOLIDARITY -- 2. Postnationalism, Solidarity, and Law: The Limits of Constitutional Patriotism -- 1. Europe dreaming in 'empty time' -- 2. A matter of self- critique -- 3. Solidarity as an elusive concept in EU law -- 4. Mutual trust through the lens of constitutional patriotism -- 5. Questioning formal recognition: Asylum and the Dublin Regulation -- 6. The problem of reification -- 3. The Anti- reification Principle: Fallibilism and Narrative Thinking -- 1. Anti- reification and time -- 2. 'Positive possibility' and different futures -- 3. Recasting solidarity: Mutual trust as mutual care -- 3.1 Perceptions of international harm and the public claims of refugees -- 4. Setting one's law adrift: Further contexts -- 4.1 Austerity and Europe's social question -- PART II CONSTITUTIONAL INTERPRETATION -- 4. Fragments of European Law: The 'Presentist' Conceit of Legal Coherence -- 1. Europe's constitutional imaginaries -- 1.1 'History' -- 1.2 'System' -- 1.3 'Principle' -- 2. The reification of legal order -- 3. Doctrine and time: In search of intelligibility -- 5. Narrative Interpretation: 'Analogy' and the Postnational Imaginary -- 1. The narrative character of legal commitments -- 2. Beyond mastery: The hinge of utopia and ideology
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