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Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and human wellbeing, an ecological and economic perspective, edited by Shahid Naeem ... [et al.] - hbk

Table Of Contents
Introduction, Background, and Meta-analyses. Introduction: The Ecological and Social Implications of Changing Biodiversity. An overview of a decade of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning research / Shahid Naeem, Daniel E. Bunker, Andy Hector ... [et al.] -- Consequences of Species Loss for Ecosystem Functioning: Meta-analyses of data from biodiversity experiments / Bernhard Schmid, Patricia Balvanera, Bradley J. Cardinale ... [et al.] -- Biodiversity-ecosystem Function Research and Biodiversity Futures: Early bird catches the worm or a day late and a dollar short? / Martin Solan, Jasmin A. Godbold, Amy Symstad ... [et al.] -- Natural Science Foundations. A Functional Guide to Functional Diversity Measures / Owen L. Petchey, Eoin J. O'Gorman, and Dan F.B. Flynn -- Forecasting Decline in Ecosystem Services Under Realistic Scenarios of Extinction / J. Emmett Duffy, Diane S. Srivastava, Jennie McLaren ... [et al.] -- Biodiversity and the Stability of Ecosystem Functioning / John N. Griffin, Eoin J. O'Gorman, Mark C. Emmerson ... [et al.] -- The Analysis of Biodiversity Experiments: From pattern toward mechanism / Andy Hector, Thomas Bell, John Connolly ... [et al.] -- Towards a Food Web Perspective on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning / Bradley Cardinale, Emmett Duffy, Diane Srivastava ... [et al.] -- Microbial Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Under Controlled Conditions and in the Wild / Thomas Bell, Mark O. Gessner, Robert I. Griffiths ... [et al.] -- Biodiversity as Spatial Insurance: The effects of habitat fragmentation and dispersal on ecosystem functioning / Andrew Gonzalez, Nicolas Mouquet, and Michel Loreau -- Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing. Incorporating Biodiversity in Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives / Sandra Díaz, David A. Wardle, and Andy Hector -- Restoring Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function: Will an integrated approach improve results? / Justin Wright, Amy Symstad, James M. Bullock ... [et al.] -- Managed Ecosystems: Biodiversity and ecosystem functions in landscapes modified by human use / Louise Jackson, Todd Rosenstock, Matthew Thomas ... [et al.] -- Understanding the Role of Species Richness for Crop Pollination Services / Alexandra-Maria Klein, Christine Müller, Patrick Hoehn ... [et al.] -- Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function: Perspectives on disease / Richard S. Ostfeld, Matthew Thomas, and Felicia Keesing -- Opening Communities to Colonization: The impacts of invaders on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning / Katharina Engelhardt, Amy Symstad, Anne-Helene Prieur-Richard ... [et al.] -- The Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services / Charles Perrings, Stefan Baumgartner, William .A. Brock ... [et al.] -- The Valuation of Ecosystem Services / Edward B. Barbier, Stefan Baumgärtner, Kanchan Chopra ... [et al.] -- Modelling Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Coupled Ecological-Economic Systems / William A. Brock, David Finnoff, Ann P. Kinzig -- Summary and Synthesis. TraitNet: Furthering biodiversity research through the curation, discovery, and sharing of species trait data / Shahid Naeem and Daniel E. Bunker -- Can We Predict the Effects of Global Change on Biodiversity Loss and Ecosystem Functioning? / Shahid Naeem, Daniel E. Bunker, Andy Hector ... [et al.]
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non fiction
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xiv, 368 p. :, ill. ;, 25 cm

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