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Africa's development impasse, rethinking the political economy of transformation, Stefan Andreasson - hb

"Orthodox strategies for socio-economic development have failed spectacularly in southern Africa. Neither the developmental state nor neoliberal reform seems able to provide a solution to Africa's problems." "Africa's Development Impasse analyses this failure and explores the potential for alternatives. Examining why Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa have been unable to overcome a debilitating colonial legacy, the book argues that it is time to rethink the political economy of development. Building on the path-breaking work of post-development theorists, Stefan Andreasson navigates a new way through the current development impasse." "This important fusion of theory with empirical case studies is essential reading for students of development politics and Africa."--book jacket
Table Of Contents
Foundations for development in Southern Africa -- The elusive developmental nexus -- Beyond development -- Botswana: paternalism and the developmental state -- Zimbabwe: the failing state revisited -- South Africa: normalization of uneven development
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non fiction
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258 p. ;, 23 cm

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