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Sharing nuclear secrets, trust, mistrust, and ambiguity in Anglo-American nuclear relations since 1939, John Baylis and Anthony Eames.

Nuclear alliances are high stakes partnerships with the potential to enhance security, goodwill, scientific and technical innovation, and economic well-being; or, they risk a state's very existence, generate social and political unrest, and fracture frameworks for international cooperation and jeopardize global reputations. Now entering its eighth decade, the Anglo-American nuclear alliance is the oldest and most complex in the world. 'Sharing Nuclear Secrets' is a single-volume study of the Anglo-American nuclear relationship, illuminating both its fragility and durability
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Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- List of Abbreviations -- Biographical Details -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The Wartime Period, 1939-45: Laying the Foundations -- 3. Breakdown and Renewal, 1945-52 -- 4. Progress and Suspicions, 1952-6 -- 5. Rebuilding Nuclear Trust, 1956-8 -- 6. Nuclear Trust Challenged, 1958-63 -- 7. 'Independent' Deterrence, the MLF, and the Future of Polaris, 1963-9 -- 8. Polaris Improvement: Realism, (Dis)unity, and Détente, 1969-74 -- 9. Evolving Deterrence Requirements: Chevaline, SALT II, and European Security, 1974-9 -- 10. Trident and the Death of Détente, 1979-82 -- 11. Alliance Nuclear Modernization and SDI Dilemmas, 1982-9 -- 12. After the Cold War: Special Still More, 1990-2016 -- 13. Continuities and 'Pebbles in the Shoe', 2016-23 -- 14. Conclusion -- Appendix: The Institutionalisation of Anglo-American Nuclear Cooperation -- Bibliography -- Index
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