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Religious beliefs and conscientious exemptions in a liberal state, edited by John Adenitire

"The central focus of this edited collection is on the ever-growing practice, in liberal states, to claim exemption from legal duties on the basis of a conscientious objection. Traditional claims have included objections to compulsory military draft and to the provision of abortions. Contemporary claims include objections to anti-discrimination law by providers of public services, such as bakers and B&B hoteliers, who do not want to serve same-sex couples. The book investigates the practice, both traditional and contemporary, from three distinct perspectives: theoretical, doctrinal (with special emphasis on UK, Canadian and US law) and comparative. Cumulatively, the contributors provide a comprehensive set of reflections on how the practice is to be viewed and carried out in the context of a liberal state."--Bloomsbury Publishing
Table Of Contents
PART A -- THEORETICAL REFLECTIONS ON CONSCIENTIOUS EXEMPTIONS -- 2. Is Religion Special? Exemptions, Conscience and the Culture Wars -- John Corvino -- 3. Conscientious Claims, Ill-Founded Belief and Religious Exemption -- Peter Jones -- 4. Exemptions for Religious Groups and the Problem of Internal Dissent -- Paul Billingham -- PART B -- HOW SHOULD COURTS ADJUDICATE CONSCIENTIOUS EXEMPTIONS? -- 5. Conscience in the Image of Religion -- Richard Moon -- 6. The Courts and Conscience Claims -- Ian Leigh -- 7. The Difference between Illegitimate Conscience and Misguided Conscience: Equality Laws, Abortion Laws and Religious Symbols -- Yossi Nehushtan and Stella Coyle -- 8. Conscientious Objection, 'Proper Medical Treatment' and Professionalism: The Limits of Accommodation for Conscience in Healthcare -- Mary Neal -- 9. The Art of Living with Ourselves: What Does the Law Have to do with Conscience? -- Gerald Chipeur QC and Robert Clarke -- PART C -- COMPARATIVE QUESTIONS IN THE LAW OF CONSCIENTIOUS EXEMPTIONS -- 10. Conscientious Objections in Employment: Is a Duty of Reasonable Accommodation the Answer? -- Lucy Vickers -- 11. Who Should Give Effect to Conscientious Exemptions? The Case for Institutional Synergy -- John Adenitire -- 12. Can Secular Non-Natural Persons be Said to Have a 'Conscience'? -- Frank Cranmer -- PART D -- CONCLUSION -- 13. Conscientious Exemptions in a Liberal State -- John Adenitire
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