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Empathy - pbk., set

Empathy is credited as a factor in both improved relationships and even better product development. But while it's easy to say, "just put yourself in someone else's shoes," the reality of understanding others' motivations and emotions is more elusive. This book helps you to understand what empathy is, why it's important, how to surmount the hurdles that make you less empathetic--and when too much empathy is just too much
Table Of Contents
What is empathy? : And why it's important / Daniel Goleman -- Why compassion is a better managerial tactic than toughness : An angry response erodes loyalty and trust / Emma Seppala -- What great listeners actually do : Understand the other person's emotions / Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman -- Empathy is key to a great meeting : Grasp the conflicts in the group / Annie McKee -- It's harder to empathize with people when you've been in their shoes : You have to work harder to focus on their needs / Rachel Ruttan, Mary-Hunter McDonnell, and Loran Nordgren -- Becoming more powerful makes you less empathetic : Ask for feedback to stay down to earth / Lou Solomon -- A process for empathetic product design : A focus on people / Jon Kolko -- How Facebook uses empathy to keep user data safe : Understand the people you're protecting / Melissa Luu-Van -- The limits of empathy : It's exhausting / Adam Waytz -- What the Dalai Lama taught Daniel Goleman about emotional intelligence : An interview with Daniel Goleman by Andrea Ovans
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ix, 134 p., 18 cm

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