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Electronic democracy in Europe, prospects and challenges of e-publics, e-participation and e-voting, Ralf Lindner, Georg Aichholzer, Leonhard Hennen, editors - hd. bd

"This edited book is the first of its kind to systematically address the intersection of e-democracy and European politics. It contributes to an improved understanding of the role that new media technologies play in European politics and the potential impact that Internet-based political participation processes may have on modern-day representative democracy in Europe. A unique, holistic approach is taken to examine e-democracy's current state and prospects in Europe from three, partially overlapping and interlocking perspectives: e-public, e-participation and e-voting. The authors provide both theory-inspired reflections on e-democracy's contribution to the formation of the European public sphere, as well as rich empirical analyses of contemporary e-participation phenomena such as the European Citizens' Initiative or e-voting practices in Estonia. Based on the presented findings, the concluding chapter combines a prospective outlook with recommendations for future paths towards meaningful integration of e-democracy in European politics and governance."--Page 4 of cover
Table Of Contents
Acknowledgements -- Electronic Democracy in Europe. An Introduction -- Part I: The E-Public in Europe -- Part II: E-Participation -- Part III: E-Voting
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xviii, 195 pages, 3 illustrations, 25 cm

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