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The European Union and Russia, causes of the crisis and potential for cooperation, Jochen Franzke, Bogdan Koszel and Andrej Kinyakin (Eds) - pbk

Since spring 2014 the relations between the EU and Russia are stuck in an Ice Age. From a Western point of view, especially the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the intervention in the conflict in Ukraine are responsible. The EU has frozen their relations to Russia and applied sanctions against it. Russia reacted in the same way. Can this vicious circle be broken without betraying the values of the EU? This book presents the analysis and ideas of social scientists from Germany, Poland and Russia. The reasons for this crisis are seen quite differently but all try to find a way out of the current confrontation
Table Of Contents
After the Strategie Partnership: Germany in Search for a New Strategy towards Russia / Jochen Franzke -- Modernisierungspartnerschaft mit Russland / Bogdan Koszel -- The Eurasian Economic Union as an Integration Project / Andrey Kinyakin -- Network Level in EU-Russian Communication Problems / Victor Osipov -- Kaliningrad Region as an Area of Cooperation between the Russian Federation, European Union and Poland / Joanna Jancz -- The Eastern Partnership on the Sideways / Adam Barabasz -- Conflicting Identities? The Role of Identity in the Current Crisis in EU-Russia Relations / Sebastian Marx -- Environmental Cooperation between Russia and the EU: History and Present Challenges EU-Russia Relations / Ivan Khlebnikov -- The New Russian External Energy Policy: New Perspectives or New Risks? / Denis Matveenkov -- LNG-Market In Europe: Is The Independence From Gazprom Worth It? / Julia Shulika -- Dialogue between Russian and European Civil Society Institutions / Nikolay Yagodka -- A Comparative Analysis of the Frozen Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Space / Liliia Usik -- Germany and Russia in the Polish Presidential Election Campaign in 2015 / Marcin Piechocki -- Kooperation statt Konfrontation / Matthias Dornfeldt
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