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Linked data and user interaction, the road ahead, edited on behalf of IFLA by H. Frank Cervone and Lars G. Svensson - hbk

This collection of research papers provides extensive information on deploying services, concepts, and approaches for using open linked data from libraries and other cultural heritage institutions. With a special emphasis on how libraries and other cultural heritage institutions can create effective end user interfaces using open, linked data or other datasets. These papers are essential reading for any one interesting in user interface design or the semantic web
Table Of Contents
Linked data and user interaction : an introduction / H. Frank Cervone -- Linked data beyond libraries : towards universal interfaces and knowledge unification / Paola Di Maio -- Following the user's flow in the Digital Pompidou / Emmanuelle Bermès -- Customized OPACs on the Semantic Web : the OpenCat prototype / Patrick Le Boeuf -- Using linked library data in working research notes / Ryan Shaw, Patrick Golden and Michael Buckland -- Semantically guided, situation-aware literature research / Timm Heuss, Bernhard Humm, Tilman Deuschel, Torsten Fröhlich, Thomas Herth and Oliver Mitesser -- Building interfaces on a networked graph / Niklas Lindström and Martin Malmsten -- Griffith Research Hub / Natasha Simons, Arve Solland and Jan Hettenhausen
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