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Storm Clouds Ahead? Migration and Labor Force Participation Rates in Europe, Benjamin Hilgenstock, Zsoka Koczan

The paper examines the potential effects of international migration on labor force participation in advanced economies in Europe. It documents that migration played a significant role in alleviating aging pressures on labor supply by affecting the age composition of receiving countries’ populations. However, micro-level analysis also points to differences in average educational levels, as well as differences in the effects of any given level of education on participation across migrants and natives. Difficulties related to the recognition of educational qualifications appear to be associated with smaller effects of education on the odds of participation for migrants, especially women
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Cover -- Contents -- I. Introduction -- II. Literature Review -- III. Data -- IV. The Role of Age Composition -- V. Participation Effects of Migration -- VI. Migrants' Participation Decisions -- VII. Obstacles to Integration -- VIII. Conclusions -- References -- FIGURES -- Figure 1. Population Dynamics in Advanced Economies, 1960-2050 -- Figure 2. Evolution of Labor Force Participation Rates in Advanced Economies, 1990-2016 -- Figure 3. Contributions of Natural Population Growth and Net Migration to Total Population Growth, 1985-2015 -- Figure 4. Migrant Stocks in Advanced Economies, 1990-2015 -- Figure 5. Age Profile of Natives and Migrants -- Figure 6. Participation Rate, All European Advanced Economies, 2015-2050 -- Figure 7. Changes in Labor Force Participation Rate, 2015-2050 -- Figure 8. Labor Force Participation Rates of Prime-Age Natives and Migrants, 2000-2016 -- Figure 9. Participation Rates and Population Shares, Natives vs. Migrants by Sex and Age Group -- Figure 10. Change in the Odds of Being Active -- Figure 11. Migrant Labor Market Integration and Odds of Being Active -- Appendix Figure 1. Change in Labor Force Participation Rates Relative to 2015 -- TABLES -- Table 1. Determinants of Labor Force Participation
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