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Hegel, Marx and Vygotsky, essays on social philosophy, Andy Blunden - electronic bk

Andy Blunden's Hegel Marx & Vygotsky, Essays in Social Philosophy presents his novel approach to social theory in a series of essays. Blunden aims to use the cultural psychology of Lev Vygotsky and the Soviet Activity Theorists to renew Hegelian Marxism as an interdisciplinary science. This allows psychologists and social theorists to share their insights through concepts equally valid in either domain. The work includes critical reviews of the works of central figures in Soviet psychology and other writers offering fruitful insights. Essays on topics as diverse as vaccine scepticism and the origins of language test out the interdisciplinary power of the theory, as well as key texts on historical analysis, methodology and the nature of the present conjuncture
Table Of Contents
Acknowledgements -- Analytical Contents List -- Introduction -- 1. What is the Difference Between Hegel and Marx? -- 2. The Unit of Analysis and Germ Cell in Hegel, Marx and Vygotsky -- 3. Concrete Historicism as a Research Paradigm -- 4. Perezhivanie as Human Self-creation -- 5. Agency -- 6. Tool and Sign in Vygotsky's Development -- 7. Vygotsky's Theory of Child Development -- 8. The Concept of Object -- 9. Leontyev's Activity Theory and Personality -- 10. Fedor Vasilyuk's Psychology of Life-projects -- 11. The Invention of Nicaraguan Sign Language -- 12. Language in Human Evolution -- 13. Power, Activity and Human Flourishing -- 14. Vaccine Hesitancy -- 15. Something Worth Dying For? -- 16. Capital and the Urpraxis of Socialism -- 17. Virtue and Utopia -- 18. The Origins of Collective Decision Making (Synopsis) -- 19. False Heroes and Villains -- 20. Amartya Sen on Critical Voice and Social Choice Theory -- 21. Comments on 'Social Capital' -- 22. Nancy Fraser on Welfare Dependency -- 23. Anthony Giddens on Structuration -- 24. Bourdieu on Status, Class and Culture -- 25. The Coronavirus Pandemic is a World Perezhivanie 26. As of 2020, the American Century is Over -- References -- Index
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