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Europe's long energy journey, towards an energy union?, David Buchan and Malcolm Keay

This book explores how far the European Union can go towards its goal of forming its 28 member states into an Energy Union. It looks at the tension between liberalization and state intervention, subsidy in markets, the revolution in the electricity sector, and the need for a new market design
Table of contents
Introduction -- First steps on the journey -- The 2009 reforms: what went right, what went wrong -- The clash : liberalization vs intervention -- The role of technology -- European electricity markets: reform or revolution? -- Needed: a demand-side strategy -- Market-friendly decarbonization measures -- Clean energy costs and competing with the rest of the world -- A more self-help approach to energy security -- Energy Union: rhetoric or reality? -- annex 1. Why a more active demand side is now more neccessary and practicable -- An alternative market-friendly approach : tradable carbon intensity targets
Physical description
vii, 224 p. :, ill. ;, 23 cm

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