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Handbook on urban social policies, international perspectives on multilevel governance and local welfare, edited by Yuri Kazepov (Professor of Urban Sociology, University of Vienna, Austria), Eduardo Barberis (Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Economics, Society and Politics, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy), Roberta Cucca (Associate Professor of Urban Sustainability Planning, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway), and Elisabetta Mocca (research fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna, Austria) - (e-book)

"The importance of subnational welfare measures, and their complex embeddedness in wider multilevel governance systems, has often been underplayed in both urban studies and social policy analysis. This Handbook gives readers the analytical tools to understand urban social policies in context and bridges the gap in research. It provides a novel perspective of social policy analysis, answering the common debates such as: what is the role of local institutions in welfare provisions? Do they exert an influence beyond their jurisdiction? What difference can we trace among different types of locales (e.g. urban vs. rural)? How does the role of cities change in different national regulatory systems? Chapters disentangle the interplay between jurisdictions, politics, policy instruments and contexts in the spatial construction of social policies. Thanks to the impressive selection of contributors, the volume discusses urban social policies with broad geographical coverage including cases from Europe, North America, South America and Asia, and provides cursory references to the COVID-19 pandemic in different policy fields. This book will be of interest to a broad range of students in different fields from welfare to urban studies, as well as those interested in multilevel governance and policy analysis. Scholars interested in comparative social policy, but also in social innovation, public administration and political science, will also find this book a good companion"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Contents: 1. Introduction to urban social policies: International perspectives on multilevel governance and local welfare / Yuri Kazepov, Eduardo Barberis, Roberta Cucca and Elisabetta Mocca -- Part I: Localizing risk and vulnerability -- 2. Localizing new social risks / Costanzo Ranci and Lara Maestripieri -- 3. Territorial welfare governance changes: Concepts and explanatory factors / Eloísa del Pino, Luis Moreno and Jorge Hernández-Moreno -- 4. The territorial dimension of social investment in Europe / Yuri Kazepov and Ruggero Cefalo -- 5. Urban social innovation and the European city: Assessing the changing urban welfare mix and its scalar articulation / Stijn Oosterlynck and Tatiana Saruis -- 6. Citizenship practices and co-production of local social policies in southern Europe / Ana Belén Cano-Hila, Marc Pradel-Miquel and Marisol García -- 7. The transformation of the local welfare system in European cities / Alberta Andreotti, Enzo Mingione and Emanuele Polizzi -- Part II: The local dimension of targeted social policies -- 8. Care as multi-scalar policy: Ecec and ltc services across Europe / Marco Arlotti and Stefania Sabatinelli -- 9. Poverty and multi-layered social assistance in Europe / Sarah Marchal and Bea Cantillon -- 10. Institutional logics of service provision: The national and urban governance of activation policies in three European countries / Vanesa Fuertes, Martin Heidenreich and Ronald McQuaid -- 11. The local dimension of housing policies / Christoph Reinprecht -- 12. Migration policies at the local level: Constraints and windows of opportunities in a contentious field / Eduardo Barberis and Alba Angelucci -- 13. Segregation, neighbourhood effects and social mix policies / Sako Musterd -- 14. Local segregation patterns and multilevel education policies / Willem Boterman and Isabel Ramos Lobato -- Part III: The instruments of local social policies -- 15. Local governance and street-level bureaucracy: The ground floor of social policy / Peter Hupe and Trui Steen -- 16. National-regional-local shifting games in multi-tiered welfare states / Giuliano Bonoli and Philipp Trein -- 17. Social work and community work / Stefan Köngeter and Christian Reutlinger -- 18. New public management-inspired public sector reforms and evaluation: Long-term care provisions in European countries / Hellmut Wollmann -- 19. Public participation and social policies in contemporary cities / Roberta Cucca -- 20. Territorial effects of EU policies: Which social outcomes at the local level? / Iván Tosics and Laura Colini -- Part IV: Examples of urban social policies around the world -- 21. Soziale stadt (social city) / Simon Güntner -- 22. The rescaling of social policies in the post-yugoslav space: Welfare parallelism and local state capture / Paul Stubbs and Sinisa Zrinščak -- 23. States of welfare: Decentralization and its consequences in us social policy / Sarah K. Bruch and Colin Gordon -- 24. Urban social protection in southern Africa / Jeremy Seekings -- 25. Social policies and security in favelas and urban peripheries of brazilian cities / Eduardo Marques and Marta Arretche -- 26. Innovative (local) social policies in China / Daniel R. Hammond -- 27. Urban and local social policies in the nordic countries / Håkan Johansson -- 28. The challenges of activation policies in Japan and their local dimension / Miki Tsutsui and Shuhei Naka -- Index
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