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Knowledge production and epistemic decolonization at the end of Pax Americana, edited by Naoki Sakai, Jon Solomon and Peter Button

"This book critically analyzes the global hegemony of the United States - a hegemony whose innovative aspect consists in articulating postcoloniality to imperial control - in relation to knowledge and knowledge production. Through targeted case studies on the historical relationship between regional areas and the United States, the authors explore possibilities and obstacles to epistemic decolonization. By highlighting the connection between the control of work and the control of communication that has been at the core of the colonial regimes of accumulation ('classic colonialism'), they present an entirely new form of disciplinary practice, not based on the equation of evolution and knowledge. An extensive introduction outlines the historical genealogy of Pax Americana epistemic hegemony, while individual chapters examine the implications for different regions of the world and different domains of activity, including visual culture, economy, migration, the arts, and translation. This interdisciplinary collection will appeal to students and scholars in many fields, including Asian studies, American studies, postcolonialism and political theory"--, Provided by publisher
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Cover -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- 1. Introduction: Epistemic Decolonization during the New Cold War -- 2. Area Studies and Civilizational Transference: Epistemic Decolonization at the End of Pax Americana -- 3. The Third Nomos of the Earth: The Decline of Western Hegemony and the Continuity of Capitalism -- 4. Exploring the Landscapes of Extraction: Colonial Continuities, Postcolonial Assemblages of Power, Anti-colonial Struggles -- 5. The Ambiguous Status of Eastern Europe and Criminalization of Communism in Europe -- 6. Feeling Freedom: Japanese and American Wartime Films on the Liberation of the Philippines, 1943-45 -- 7. What Comes after "Area"?: The Nomos of the Modern in Times of Crisis -- 8. Theory, Institution and the North American Field of Modern Chinese Literary Studies: Some Preliminary Reflections -- 9. Between Studium and Punctum: Tomatsu Shomei and Nakahira Takuma between "Japan" and "Okinawa" -- 10. Lucian Pye and the Foundations of Area Studies in White Settler Colonialism -- Index
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