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Tracing the undersea dragon, Chinese SSBN programme and the Indo-Pacific, Amit Ray

"This book is a comprehensive study of the development of China's Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBNs). It offers insights into the secretive world of nuclear submarines and ballistic missiles of the Chinese (PLA) Navy, and studies how these are likely to grow in the next two decades. The volume examines the technological origins of the design and development of Chinese nuclear submarines, ballistic missiles, and their naval construction capabilities. It provides an analysis of the underlying Chinese nuclear doctrine, China's maritime geographical constraints for submarine operations, and the credibility of its sea-based deterrence. It draws upon strategy, nuclear policy, technology, geography and operational considerations to holistically predict the likely SSBN force levels of the PLA Navy for various scenarios. The book also assesses the spectrum of threats likely from the undersea domain for India and other nations in the Indo-Pacific region. A key text on an obscure but vital facet of Chinese defence studies, this book will be useful for scholars and researchers of strategic affairs, international relations and disarmament studies, peace and conflict studies, geopolitics, foreign policy, Indo-Pacific studies, and diplomacy"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- List of figures -- List of tables -- Preface -- List of abbreviations -- Chapter 1: Introduction -- The behemoth -- Surveying the arena -- Chinese submarines -- Chinese forces and perspective -- US perspectives -- Indian perspectives -- Regional dynamics -- Grey areas -- Necessity for this study -- Objectives -- Approach -- Limitations -- Bibliography -- Chapter 2: China's nuclear doctrine and role of SSBNs -- Chinese national objectives -- China's military strategy -- Overview of nuclear strategies and doctrines -- Chinese nuclear capabilities -- Chinese nuclear doctrine -- The 'NFU' debate -- Role of SSBNs in deterrence worldwide -- Role of SSBNs in China's strategic deterrence -- Bibliography -- Chapter 3: Chinese SSBN development -- Genesis of Chinese nuclear submarines -- The designers -- The first SSN -- The SLBM -- The first SSBN -- Construction challenges and facilities -- Submarine construction challenges -- Bohai Shipyard -- Subsequent progress of construction -- SSBN developments -- SSN and conventional submarine developments -- Technological requirements and industrial base -- Worldwide experiences -- Analysis of construction timelines -- Conventional submarine timelines -- Nuclear submarine timelines -- Bibliography -- Chapter 4: SSBN readiness and deployment -- Geographical constraints -- Criticality of South China Sea -- Deterrence patrols -- SLBM ranges and trials -- Likely targets -- Credibility of China's deterrence -- Operational stealth -- Command and control -- Communications -- Chinese naval strategy and anti-submarine warfare -- Bibliography -- Chapter 5: Future outlook -- Chinese strategic trajectory -- Construction trends -- Force-level projections based on construction capacity -- Force-level projections based on requirements
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