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Rethinking consumer protection, escaping death by regulation, Thomas Tacker

For many decades consumer protection laws have focused on preventing "bad" choices. Though that approach has some value, this book explains we are much more often harmed, even killed, by the needless delay of new inventions that could save lives or vastly improve life quality. Thomas Tacker explains how we can revamp regulation to embrace inventions that save and improve lives while still holding companies accountable for actions that harm consumers. Case studies include price gouging, the FDA approval process, airport passenger screening, and occupational licensing, particularly as it relates to Uber. This book demonstrates that enacting appropriate liability laws and providing information to guide consumers, rather than strictly controlling their choices, will save thousands of lives annually, increase consumer freedom, and make life more enjoyable
Table Of Contents
Economic foundations of morality and consumer well-being -- New medicines and our dangerous quest for certainty -- Saving lives with a better, safer FDA -- How Uber innovated to save lives and why taxis never did -- Business reality versus cultural perception -- Is air travel too safe, and do we need the TSA screening monopoly? -- Toward more safety, more choices, and better prices
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
v, 181 pages, illustrations, 24 cm

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