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Routledge handbook of regionalism and federalism, edited by John Loughlin, John Kincaid and Wilfried Swenden - print

This Handbook draws together the main theoretical themes of this current research and provides a comprehensive overview of regionalism and federalism in contemporary global politics. It covers evolving forms of federalism and regionalism in all parts of the world and features a comprehensive range of case studies by leading international scholars
Table Of Contents
Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; List of illustrations; List of contributors; Preface and acknowledgements; PART I Theoretical and comparative approaches to federalism and regionalism; 1 Reconfiguring the nation-state: hybridity vs. uniformity; 2 Typologies of federalism; 3 Plurinational federalism and political theory; 4 The penumbra of federalism: a conceptual reappraisal of federalism, federation, confederation and federal political systems; 5 Territorial strategies for managing plurinational states; 6 Federalism, regionalism and the dynamics of party politics 7 Fiscal federalism and the political economy of territorial finance8 Federalism and public policy: do federalism, regionalism and hybridity make any difference? Evidence from environmental policy; 9 The 'new regionalism' and the politics of the regional question; 10 Economic regionalism in federal and hybrid systems of government; PART II Case studies by region: North America; 11 The United States of America: from dualistic simplicity to centralized complexity; 12 Canada: Federal adaptation and the limits of hybridity; 13 Mexico: from centralized authoritarianism to disarticulated democracy? Case studies by region: Europe14 The Belgian Federation: a labyrinth state; 15 Germany: federalism under unitary pressure; 17 Switzerland: Europe's first federation; 18 Russia: Involuted federalism and segmented regionalism; 19 Spain: the autonomic state; 20 Italy: between the hybrid state and Europe's federalizing process; 21 Sweden: federalism in the land of centrally guided regionalization; 22 Devolution in the United Kingdom; 23 Poland: creeping regionalization of the unitary state; 24 France: from the 'one and indivisible republic' to the decentralized unitary state Case studies by region: Asia25 India: a hybrid federal-unitary state?; 26 Assessing hybridity in the People's Republic of China: the impact of post-Mao decentralization; Case studies by region: Asia-Pacific; 27 Australia: an 'integrated' federation?; 28 Indonesia: arbitrary polity, unitary state; Case studies by region: Africa; 29 Nigeria: a centralizing federation; 30 Federalism in Ethiopia: hybridity in ambiguity?; 31 South Africa: the reluctant hybrid federal state; Case studies by region: Latin America; 32 Brazil: from 'isolated' federalism to hybridity 33 Tensions between centralization and decentralization in the Argentine federation34 The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: an empty constitutional federation?; Case studies by region: Middle East; 35 Lebanon: the hybridity of a confessional state; PART III Failed federations; 36 'Federalizing the federation': the failure of the Yugoslav experiment; 37 Czechoslovakia: a peaceful disintegration; PART IV Transnationalism regionalism; 38 Federalism and the European Union; 39 The North American Free Trade Agreement: the limits of integration 40 African Union: from practical federalism to fantasy union
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