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The government and politics of the European Union, Neill Nugent - pbk

Table Of Contents
Setting the scene: the 'crisis', the challenges, and their implications for the nature and operation of the EU -- The post-war transformation of Western Europe -- The creation of the European community -- The deepening of the integration process -- The widening of the integration process -- From Rome to Nice -- The constitutional and Lisbon treaties -- Treaties and the integration process -- The commission -- The Council of the European Union -- The European Council -- The European Parliament -- European Union Law and the EU's courts -- Other institutions -- Interests -- The member states -- Understanding EU policies -- Policy processes -- Making and applying EU legislation -- Internal polices -- Agriculture policy and policy processes -- External policies -- The budget -- Conceptualising the European Union -- Theorising European integration and EU politics -- Conclusions: present realities and future prospects
Literary Form
non fiction
8th ed.
Physical Description
xxii, 501 p., ill., maps, 25 cm.

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