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Goodbye America, fifty years of American-Jewish women's immigration to Israel, a collective autobiography (1967-2017), Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz, Barbara Getzoff Schoenfeld, editors

The book is composed of 18 autobiographical essays written by American-Jewish women who made aliyah between 1967 and 2017. Each essay traces the author's path to making that choice, and describes and analyses her life after her immigration and at various crossroads of her life
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Copyright Information -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Introduction -- We Came With Our Parents -- Aura in Wonderland (Aura Hammer) -- Rebel Teen -- Who Am I Today? -- So How Did I Get Here? -- Army Service and Onward -- Back Home Again -- Peacemaking -- Through the Looking Glass: The Story of My Aliyah (Chani Preizler) -- Prologue -- Introduction -- Bombshell -- Aftermath -- Arrival -- The Next Chapter -- Marriage and Family -- Retrospect -- A Lifelong Journey to My Homeland (Judith Tydor Baumel- Schwartz) -- How It All Began -- The Move -- First Steps as an Immigrant in the Promised Land -- What Went Wrong? -- Life Goes On -- So What Happened? -- Afterward -- We Came Alone -- Scenes from An Aliyah Journey (Michelle Luchans Atias) -- Scenes from an Aliyah Journey - An Attainable Obsession? -- Scenes from An Aliyah Journey - May I Please See Your ID? -- Scenes from An Aliyah Journey - My Bilingual Kitchen -- Scenes from an Aliyah Journey - That Dirty Little Seven-Letter Word -- Scenes from An Aliyah Journey - Useful Quotations -- Scenes from An Aliyah Journey - My First War -- Scenes from An Aliyah Journey - Decision Time - Stay or Go -- Scenes from An Aliyah Journey - Afterboom -- Scenes from an Aliyah Journey - Aliyah with Training Wheels a.k.a. Riding My Big Girl Bicycle -- Getting My Feet Wet and Jumping In (Michal Ben Ya'akov) -- A Jew and a Zionist in Walden and the University of Wisconsin -- Getting My Toes Wet -- Facing the Future and Getting There -- An Easy Landing - /Teaching and Living at Kibbutz Lavi -- The Yom Kippur War -- A Wandering Jew in the Homeland -- Building a Family -- Combining Zionist Ideology, Family, and Academic Endeavors -- Some Reflections on My Continuing Life in Israel -- An American Living in Israel (Barbara Berkowitz) -- The Decision to Make Aliyah -- Going Back in Time -- My First Trips to Israel
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