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The Palgrave handbook of global radio, edited by John Allen Hendricks - acidfree paper

Table Of Contents
International radio broadcasting: it's not what it used to be / Andrew M. Clark ; International radio regulation : an overview / John Allen Hendricks, Montse Bonet, Lawrie Hallett, Svetlana Kulikova, and Chwen Chwen Chen ; Grassroots international community radio and public service media : the case of FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavor) / Mary Wairimu Gatua, Michael Brown, and Tracey Owens Patton ; The impact of new technology on radio broadcasting in the Netherlands / Tony R. DeMars ; "Achtung! Achtung! Hier ist die Sendestelle Berlin" : German radio between regulation and competition / Klaus Goldhammer, Peter Laufer, and Sebastian Lehr ; French radio, from the Eiffel Tower to "Postradio" / Jean-Jacques Cheval ; For better pictures on radio : how Nokia's efforts for multimedia radio have shaped the radio landscape in Finland / Marko Ala-Fossi ; Government-sanctioned anarchy : Greece's chaotic airwaves / Michael Nevradakis ; Italy : from state monopoly to a private-led radio market through controversial digitalization . Enrico Menduni ; Spanish radio : when digitalization meets an analog business model / Montse Bonet ; Radio in Turkey / Özden Cankaya and Cem Pekman ; The radio landscape in Hungary / Henrik Hargitai, Csaba Szombathy, and Gary H. Mayer ; From isolated and controlled to integrated and democratic : Romanian radio found its voice / Raluca Cozma ; Not by ideology alone : history and development of radio in Russia / Svetlana Kulikova ; Voices of a nation : radio in the Philippines / Elizabeth L. Enriquez, Edna Bernabe, and Bradley C. Freeman ; Red dot on the dial : Singapore radio then and now / Bradley C. Freeman and Yokanathan Ramakrishnan ; Tuning into Thailand : radio's struggle to find its voice in the land of smiles / Pong Wisessang and Bradley C, Freeman ; Radio industry in Bangladesh : moving from state-run monopoly toward diverse and community broadcasting / Masudul Biswas and M. Aminul Islam ; The gentle giant : an overview of the history and economic and cultural politics of post-independence Indian radio industry / Sudeshna Roy ; The multi-mediatization of radio in China / Lu Wei and Lingwei Shao ; Taiwanese radio broadcasting : the regulatory policy on the radio spectrum and an overview of Taiwanese pirate radio stations / Wei-Chun Victoria Wang ; The radio industry in Colombia / Germán Arango Forero ; Understanding the radio industry in Mexico : challenges and opportunities / María Elena Gutiérrex-Rentería and Josefina Santana ; Radio in Ireland : balancing local, commercial, and public service dimension / Brian O-Neill ; Staying relevant and profitable in the 21st century : the challenges facing the UK's commercial radio sector / Richard Rudin ; New media community radio : how the internet and other "new technologies: influence community broadcasting in the UK / Lawrie Hallett ; Radio in the UK : technology and policy for an industry in transition / Stephen Lax ; Radio regulation in East Africa : obstacles to social change and democratization in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda / Yusuf Kalyango, Jr. ; Egyptian radio : from colonialism to independence, the development, evolution and 21st century challenges confronting radio in transitional democratic societies / Max V. Grubb ; U.S. Radio in the 21st century : staying the course in unknown territory / Michael Huntsberger ; The world through an American lens : the case of NPR / Raluca Cozma
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non fiction
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