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Islam in "liberal" Europe, freedom, equality, and intolerance, Kai Hafez ; translated by Alex Skinner - hardcover : cloth : alkaline paper

Table Of Contents
Introduction: Is liberal society Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? -- 1. Politics and law -- Law : Muslims in the secular constitutional state and the problem of effective equality -- State : the ambivalence of state policies on Islam -- Parliaments, parties, movements : "Representation without participation" or the problem of hegemony in democracy -- Political culture : Muslims' loyalty to the system -- 2. Society -- The bourgeois majority : from respectable Islamophobia to system-society rupture -- The Muslim minority : necessary integration and recognition-worthy segregation -- Excursus: The crisis of the middle class : the social Darwinism of cultural difference -- 3. Media -- Mass media : enlightened Islamophobia and the social ethics of communication -- Social media : virtual crusaders of the new public sphere -- 4. The academy and education -- Scholarship and intellectualism : the deliberalization of the staged knowledge society -- School : the pedagogy of (hesitant) recognition of Islam -- 5. Religious institutions -- Church : the reluctant intermediary -- Conclusion: The reinvention of liberal society in Europe
Literary Form
non fiction
Translated from the German
Physical Description
vi, 409 pages ;, 24 cm

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