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Another end of the world is possible, living the collapse (and not merely surviving it), Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens and Gauthier Chapelle ; translated by Geoffrey Samuel - pbk

"How to face the environmental crisis with open eyes and a deeper awareness of what we can do about it"--
Table of contents
Pt. One Recovery -- 1. Experiencing the impact -- 2. Regaining our spirits -- 3. Moving on -- Pt. Two New Horizons -- 4. Integrating other ways of knowing -- 5. Opening to other visions of the world -- 6. Telling other stories -- `Zombie' stories -- Interlude: Entry to collapsosophy -- Pt. Three Collapsosophy -- 7. Weaving connections -- 8. Growing up and settling down -- Conclusion: Apocalypse or `happy collapse'?
Literary form
non fiction
Physical description
xxii, 245 p., 21 cm

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