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International political economy, debating the past, present and future, edited by Nicola Phillips and Catherine E. Weaver - hbk

Table Of Contents
The American school of IPE / Daniel Maliniak and Michael J. Tierney -- The old IPE and the new / Robert O. Keohane -- Trips across the Atlantic : theory and epistemology in IPE / David A. Lake -- Ontology, methodology, and causation in the American school of international political economy / Henry Farrell & Martha Finnemore -- Of intellectual monocultures and the study of IPE / Kathleen R. McNamara -- The slow death of pluralism / Nicola Phillips -- The "American school" of IPE? : a dissenting view / Randall Germain -- Beware what you wish for : lessons for international political economy from the transformation of economics / Robert Wade -- Mid-Atlantic : sitting on the knife's sharp edge / Peter J. Katzenstein -- The "British school" in the global context / Robert Cox -- Torn between two lovers? : caught in the middle of British and American IPE / Mark Blyth -- IPE's split brain / Catherine Weaver -- Political economy, the "US school", and the manifest destiny of everyone else / Geoffrey R.D. Underhill -- Do the left-out matter? / Craig N. Murphy -- Pluralist IPE : a view from outside the "schools" / Helge Hveem -- Division and dialogue in Anglo-American IPE : a reluctant Canadian view / Eric Helleiner -- The proof of the pudding is in the eating : IPE in light of the current crisis of 2007/8 / Ronen Palan -- Mantras, bridges, and benchmarks : assessing the future of IPE / Jason Sharman -- The second crisis in IPE theory / Jonathan Kirshner -- The gift of skepticism and the hopeful future of IPE / Louis Pauly -- The richness and diversity of critical IPE perspectives : moving beyond the debate on the "British school" / Ian Bruff, Magnus Ryner, and Bastiaan van Appeldoorn -- The global financial crisis : lessons and opportunities for international political economy / Layna Mosley and David Singer -- Toward a new consensus : from denial to acceptance / Benjamin J. Cohen
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non fiction
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ix, 261 p. :, ill. ;, 24 cm

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