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Small states in the international system, at peace and at war, Neal G. Jesse and John R. Dreyer

This book uses a comparative foreign policy research method and seven focused case studies to analyze the foreign policy choices of small states as predicted by the leading three theories in international relations: realism, domestic factors, and social constructivism
Table Of Contents
Chapter One: Small States as Distinct Units of Analysis and as Different than Large and Middle Powers -- Chapter Two: Realism and Small States in the International System -- Chapter Three: Non-Structural Factors of Foreign Policy: Domestic Factors and Social Constructivism -- Chapter Four: Switzerland, 1815-Present: Small State in the Middle of a Multipolar Regional Power Structure -- Chapter Five: Ireland, 1920-present: A Singular Stance for Nearly a Century -- Chapter Six: Small European Buffer States in Two World Wars -- Chapter Seven: Finland, 1939-1945: A Small State Resists Aggression -- Chapter Eight: The Third Indo-China War, 1979 -- Chapter Nine: The Ogaden War 1977-1978, Ethiopia vs. Somalia -- Chapter Ten: The Chaco War, 1932-1935: Paraguay vs. Bolivia -- Chapter Eleven: Generalizations about Small State Behavior
Literary Form
non fiction
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xv, 196 pages, 24 cm

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